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Nintendo Download: 13th & 14th July 2010 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

Virtual Console RPG for the Wii; lifestyle apps, edutainment and a couple of games for the DSi next week in Japan

WiiWare is MIA yet again, so Wii owners will have to make do with an old Super Famicom RPG originally published by dear departed Data East.

Virtual Console

Metal Max 2 (800pts Super Famicom - Enterbrain) -- The Data East IP parade continues next week with a Final Fantasy-style RPG courtesy of publisher Enterbrain.


Anyo Haseyo! Korean Word Puzzle (200pts - I.E. Institute) -- Having apparently exhausted their supply of educational games centred around teaching English and Japanese to Japanese speakers, I.E. Institute is riding the recent wave of cultural exchange with South Korea to introduce what is no doubt the first of many titles to teach Korean to Japanese speakers.

Shunkan Jump Kentei (200pts - G-Style) -- A "jump test" game in which players are tasked with taking a stick man through a series of platforming levels.

Adventure Kids: Paul's Adventure (500pts - ICM) -- A side-scrolling shooter in which players control Paul, "kung-fu baby," as he tries to save Earth from the Umi invasion. We predict that this one will see an international release, as a game known as Paul's Shooting Adventure just received an ESRB rating.

Ugoite Asobu Diet (500pts - Genki Mobile) -- This seems to be a three-event exercise program for the DSi to help you lose weight. As the video on the developer's website shows, it's probably questionable in its utility as all that one must do is make small movements that are read by the DSi camera. These in turn move an on-screen character - who ends up doing all the real work. You could potentially get some exercise out of it, but this seems more like a bit of goofiness - though for 500pts, it's a bit pricey if it is.

Sankoku Daifugō (500pts - Silver Star Japan) -- An odd take on the table game genre in which players try to conquer the three kingdoms in a mythical world via a series of card games that use a standard 52-card deck - though it's hard to tell what kind of game is being played.

Finally, owners of Dragon Quest Victory: Monster Battle Road for the Wii will be interested to learn that a DSiWare app is launching on the 15th for 200 Points that seems to use the DSi's outer camera to scan colour codes from the screen of the arcade version of the game. This presumably unlocks cards and characters for use on the Wii version at home. However, unless you've imported the arcade game, the Wii port, and a Japanese DSi, this probably won't be of that much use to you.

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Sean_Aaron said:

Yeah, I'm basically waiting for Bit.Trip RUNNER to get released, but beyond that, wow, a big nothing.

Outside of Japan seems decent because a lot more developers in Europe and North America appear to be focusing on it.

The real question is whether or not Nintendo considers this a problem?



Ratengo said:

I have no problem with the Japanese WiiWare drought as long as its superb Virtual Console is not affected. For example, you must get at least whole 11 Neo Geo titles at a later stage to catch up with Japan.

@Sean: Maybe Arc System Works will see fit to release 'Bit. Trip Runner' on the 3rd of August (a batch of games tend to appear on the download services prior to Golden Week and the Obon Festival respectively)...?



Hawker said:

Japan isn't getting Wiiware titles, & everyone else isn't getting VC titles... anyway we can switch that around? I'm more interested in VC then Wiiware.

& since I don't have a DSi I don't care at all for DSiware.



xAlias said:

Yeah, I want VC rather than WiiWare. Of course, there's a limited amount of older games that are compatible with Wii, so Nintendo can't release all of them at a time, & most of the time the WiiWare games stink anyway.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

Lucky Japan! I would love to see Nintendo Europe releasing more Virtual Console classics instead of mediocre WiiWare titles. I don't care about WiiWare and DSiWare at all. Virtual Console and Xbox Live Arcade are all I need.



brooks83 said:

Japan has the right idea. VC should be the main focus. Outside of a handful of games, WiiWare is a big dissapointment, as I knew it would be.



Sean_Aaron said:

I can see the point that with the VC you know what you're getting, however WiiWare seems to have untapped potential. I know I don't play games on my home computer so stuff like Cave Story is new to me and bringing that kind of stuff to the console can't be a bad thing, surely?

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