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Last Window Coming to Europe in September

Posted by James Newton

Hotel Dusk sequel picked up for localisation

It's been a long wait to see if Last Window, developed by the sadly bankrupt Cing, would be heading to Western shores, but Nintendo has revealed the game will be coming to Europe in September.

Players take the role of detective Kyle Hyde, returning from Hotel Dusk: Room 215, for another mystery-packed adventure with more of the same unique art style and puzzle elements. With a full title of Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, this one will be available for European gamers to solve from 17th September.

There's currently no official word on a North American release but we'd expect news to follow shortly.

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Issun said:

Oh man Oh man Oh man !!!
With this in September and Layton in October ... REJOICE !



Issun said:

Oh and the first one was awesome, definetely waiting for the second and need to re-pick up the first.
PS: I really don't like the First BS thing, so don't consider the pun as one.



sykotek said:

I never played the game myself, but this is good news for those that have been waiting for the sequel. Hopefully it comes out here in NA too for the fans that are eagerly awaiting the sequel.




I loved Hotel Dusk, but can't see me going through a hugely long interactive novel again on the DS. Eye pickling. This is coming from someone who always has a book on the go.

Great news though as it'll most likely be quality like the first



Gavin_Rozee said:

YES! The sequel to my favourite DS game. The DS couldn't possibly receive a better "send off" than this. Thanks so much NoE, you've made my year!



Tethers said:

And what is the source of this news? I mean is there any official site where I can read it by myself? Because Nintendo UK & Germany don't list the game...



Cipher said:

@L.Brown - Official Nintendo Magazine UK lists the game as a first-party title for release on 17 September.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Official Nintendo Magazine have reported on it as well. It's from an official NoE release schedule.

It also reveals that Face Training is being released here.

Edit - Too slow.



Mayhem said:

Well, this is the start of something wonderful... but yes, I hope it also comes out in the US. So they can enjoy it without having to import, and so my stack of games still looks reasonably uniform



Ren said:

great news! really would have been a loss to lose this game after it being finished. I hope we see it over here.



NFreak007 said:

Yes yes yes YES!! This is fantastic news! I was really worried we wouldn't get this, but we are - it's made my day! Shame it's Cing's last game, though...



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Acerocksyourworld: Because NOA has gone to crap, that's why. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they decided NOT to release this here. Thankfully, unlike the TRAVESTY that was us missing out on Trace Memory 2, this one is importable without a modded system!

That said, I'm still with the group who WANTS it released here. Surprise me for a change, NOA!



Iggy said:

Awesome news i thought hotel dusk was a great game cant wait to play this one.



madgear said:

Thank you! I absolutely love Cing's games and was heartbroken to find out the went into bankruptcy and that this game might never see a release. I'm so happy I'll be able to play it now - I loved Hotel Dusk and can call it my favourite DS game so I'm more than happy about this.



Hokori said:

I really need to get Cings games because i dont have any
the Cing is dead the Cing is dead long live the Cing.

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