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E3 2010: The First Coat of Epic Mickey Game Details

Posted by Trevor Chan

Get ready to paint the town epic. Updated with trailer

E3 2010 might be remembered for the big names associated with Nintendo but let's not forget another big player in the company-mascot game. Ever since its initial announcement, the return of Mickey Mouse has been the source of anticipation and intrigue thanks in part to the apparent darker direction that the game will be taking.

Epic Mickey was one of the many highlights at this year's E3, with several game details revealed on the Wii-exclusive title. The game seems to focus on the polarising effects of paint, and paint thinner. Players control Mickey as he sets off on an adventure that sees him dealing with the creativity of paint, and the destructive nature of thinner.

Set in an alternate world called Wasteland, the game is inspired by Disney animations and theme parks so regular fans might be able to spot subtle influences here and there. From what we saw at E3, it seems to share similar characteristics with Super Mario Sunshine and the 2D platform levels are based on classic Mickey Mouse cartoons, with the level displayed taking place within Steamboat Willie. Players will have to use a combination of these two DIY materials on characters and in-game objects to alter the way they appear. The real-time effects are impressive and all in all, the visuals in Epic Mickey should be worth keeping an eye on.

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With more details sure to come in the coming months, the game is scheduled for release this Holiday Season.

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EdEN said:

Definitely looks better than what we saw of the game last year.



Kid_A said:

The visuals seem to have recieved a massive overhaul, and I was particularly impressed by the steamboat willie platforming level. It'll be hard to budget all these fantastic titles coming out this year, but this is one I fully intend to buy.



WolfRamHeart said:

Yes, I too was pleased by the changes made to the visuals of this game. I wasn't sure that they would be able to pull it off but it is starting to look like a must have title. I'm definitely keeping my eye on this one.



rjejr said:

I have to say this is the game that most won me over today of all the games announced (both by Nintendo and Sony). It looked good, had some strategy involved, 2D and 3D levels, and most importantly it's new. Was there even another new game announced today? OK, Wii Party, but that seemed more mini-game than game. And Sony said they'ld have 20 Move games at $40 each, so you know they won't be "games" either. I'll get Zelda and Kirby and Metroid and Donkey Kong (and LBP2) but this is the game I'm most intrigued with at the moment.



Rhansley64 said:

3rd party done right nice job Warren. (Warren Spector rank 6th of the top 10 greatest game designers).



citizenerased said:

Am I the only one that didn't "get" the game? Nothing actually happened when the guy was playing, it really confused me. How exactly do you know where you can draw things with paint? It didn't help that the guy playing didn't seem to know what the hell he was doing and kept falling off. That's a bad first showing.

2D bit was amazing though.

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