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E3 2010: Nintendo Wii News Round-Up

Posted by James Newton

All the games, all the hardware, all the news

This year's E3 isn't over yet – still two more days to go, folks – but already we've seen enough information come out to sustain us for a long, long time. If you're still struggling to catch up on all the news, let us condense it for you by format for ease of digestion. Here's the Wii news and announcements we've had so far:

There will be plenty more announcements made in the coming few days so keep it locked to Nintendo Life to keep up with everything happening at E3 2010.

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citizenerased said:

Needs more Last Story.

Still, can't exactly say I'm displeased - incredibly strong 1st party showing made up for a lackluster 3rd party showing.

I was really excited about Epic Mickey before but after that press conference I can honestly say that I don't "get" the game. No actual gaming happened, the dude was just running around spraying paint. I would've loved to see some actual examples of what the hell you could do with it. The 2D level looked amazing, though.



odd69 said:

I'm impressed . Nintendo owns this E3 hands down. We are getting Zelda, Kid Icarus,Kirby,Donkey Kong,Metroid, and a few Mario titles as well. My ps3 will collect dust for while that's for sure. I plan on purchasing a 3DS too so Nintendo will get most my money this year.



warioswoods said:

So, the big Wii headliners for the holidays will be Donkey Kong Country, Kirby, and Wii Party. Not a bad line-up at all; I was getting worried about this year's prospects when they delayed Zelda, but it sounds like a strong showing nonetheless.



pixelman said:

Epic Mickey looks like a snorefest. I'm stoked about Zelda and GoldenEye though, and DKC looks awesome!



93jam said:

Im excited, this is a really good lineup, my list of games I must get just doubled, lol

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