Beauty in the GoldenEye of the beholder

After a lot of "is it happening?" and "is it fake?", we can now tell you that GoldenEye is happening and it's a Wii-exclusive. A modern take on the much-loved original is in the works and it got some airtime at this year's E3 event.

Hopefully this new imagining can deliver more than just nostalgic satisfaction and do for the Wii what the original GoldenEye 007 did for the Nintendo 64. The game will feature four player split-screen offline multiplayer, and support up to eight players online. More news on this as we get it, including the same trailer we posted earlier but one that this time Activision won't be so eager to take down.

The latest GoldenEye game is hoping to launch this Fall, so make sure you pack all ten of your passports and don't forget that silencer.