With all the excitement about the upcoming 3DS and all the amazing titles lined up for it – again, Contra is coming – let's just take a moment to remind ourselves that the Wii is still very much alive and kicking. Nintendo has kindly put out a release schedule for the machine but those expecting to find hidden treasures may be disappointed, though that's not to say the list is lacking in quality titles.

With few, if any surprise games announced for the Wii it's no shock that the schedule isn't rivalling that of the 3DS in the wow factor, but you'll notice a wide range of titles for young children and those who love TV shows but are unable to get on them for real. There's also something to meet both groups, with a ream of Sesame Street games on the way, but the big names are all from the Nintendo stable: Zelda, Kirby and Donkey Kong.

Anyway, don't let us dampen your enthusiasm for Wii's launch schedule.