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E3 2010: Kingdom Hearts 3DS

Posted by James Newton

We knew about Re:coded, but this is new

And so the great E3 2010 content marathon continues with a few short but sweet shots of Square Enix and Disney's crossover Kingdom Hearts, heading to 3DS in the near future.

The official announcement merely confirms it as an entry in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, failing to clarify whether it will be a remake of an existing title – something we've seen a few of – or a brand new entry for Mickey and chums. One thing's for sure: that Keyblade is going to be more in-your-face than ever.

Check out the gallery below and keep tuning into Nintendo Life for more Kingdom Hearts news from E3 2010.

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Megumi said:

Most likely a port...then again, you play as Riku it looks like....maybe its a mix or something...I dunno, I'm getting it either way, lol. (The first KH was awesome anyways)



V8_Ninja said:

Wait: it's NOT the "Re:coded" game? And aren't those screens taken from the original KH? More questions than answers, this brings.

EDIT: Just saw the Riku pic. These are non-KH1 screens, my bad!



Terra said:

I thought this was a remake of the first game, from the look of the screens (The only KH game I've played). Well, we'll have to wait and see



irken004 said:

@V8 Nope, those are 3DS screens, I saw them on IGN.

I still need to finish 358/2 Days D:



Knux said:

This can't be a remake of KH1. There is a Nobody in Traverse Town, and Nobodies were not in KH1. Also, both Sora and Riku are playable and Sora is in his KH1 attire. I am confused on the setting of this installment, but excited regardless.



RebeccaGunn said:

Colour me curious, I love KH so it's nice to see the series getting more of a showing on Nintendo systems. CoD and 358/2 Days are both very nice but a proper 3D KH would be just the ticket!



MasterGraveheart said:

I still want Tifa to show up in this game. (For those wondering, Tifa is my favorite character never to appear on a Nintendo platform. Cloud who?)



Sabrewing said:

When the hooey is Disney going to let Gargoyles into the KH universe? It's like a match made in heaven.



greenellow said:

I need me some new pants after all these annoucements. hopefully we get a 3d rendention of the kingdom hearts "the" final mix hey we're getting snake eater maybe more dreams will come true



Crystalking18 said:

More about Re:coded please. This looks good, but so far im more interested in that game than this.



komicturtle said:

This could be KH Re:coded, but I'm doubting it. And it's certainly not a remake because I don't recall that giant Nobody in the original- they appeared in KH2. It's be funny if THIS was Kingdom Hearts 3 just with the DS at the end. But it's not THAT likely.



miketh2005 said:

@hatty475 the graphics are double better on the 3DS in 3D compared to plain 2D pictures on the internet i heard. so if you think those graphics are good, imagine what double those graphics would look like!



RedSteel said:

OH ITS HOT,OH ITS FREAKING HOT, best thing that ever happened to me XD!!!no more sony(no offense)



Markystal said:

Kore wa, gēmu wa mada nai ni mo kakawara zu, moderu wa i nai baai wa PS 2 no yori yoku miru. English:(Even though this isn't a game yet, the models look as good if not better than the ps2's.) Another must buy.



R-L-A-George said:

Can't wait, looks like its going to look better than what it look like on PS2....Saw a comment about Gargoyles, yeah that woul be awesome. LOL My friends were wanting Deadpool to be in KH.



Hokori said:

Only played 358/2 but will get coded and this, i just wish i could play 1 and 2 on 3ds

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