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Ball Fighter Starts Bashing Europe this Friday

Posted by James Newton

Teyon's puzzle game makes the leap across the pond

It's been available in North America since late 2009, but coloured ball-breaker Ball Fighter from Polish team Teyon is finally heading to DSiWare in Europe this Friday.

Priced at 500 Points, the game is a combination of familiar puzzle games, including Puzzle Bobble and Magical Drop, but is overall a solid little game that should please anyone after more addictive puzzle action on DSiWare.

Have a look at our Ball Fighter review to help you decide if you should download this one come Friday.

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fishman100 said:

I've played many-a-games like this, and I haven't downloaded it yet. Maybe I will when Nintendo actaully will let us transfer DSiWare games.



Bass_X0 said:

You may insert your own ball joke here

No. No inserting of balls here.



Morpheel said:

the game is actually pretty good.

besides, you wont find another game with more balls than this!

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