Ball Fighter (DSiWare)

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Remove the colored spheres before they reach the bottom!

An arcade game where a player has to remove colorful spheres before they reach the bottom of the screen. Constantly increasing tempo of the game and more and more colors of the spheres make this task more difficult than it seems. There are also many special combos to perform like Rocket (destroys several spheres at the same time) or Brush (allows to change colors). It is easy to play, but difficult to master!

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Posted by Desiree Turner

You'll handle them like a pro in no time.

Puzzlers featuring the familiar format of clearing out a wave of blocks, shapes, jewels, tetrominoes, bits and who knows what else have graced every gaming console known to man. As a species, we seem to be helplessly attracted to the idea of removing...

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GreasyMcNugget said:

well after searching online for someone that has bought it already without luck I got the game myself. I like this kind of puzzle games. At first the controls are kida weird since you dont use the stylus. You drag down balls by hitting down on the pad or b and put the balls up hitting up on the game pad on x . Not the best presentation or music ever but if you like this kind of games and are looking for something new it might get u busy



Morpheel said:

am i the only one who wonders why they didnt used the song they used in the video for the game itself?



Kyloctopus said:

This has good game play and sounds fun if it were the first of the put three together and their knocked out series, but it looks awfully boring. I still won't some dr mario.

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