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Nintendo's 2010 Release Schedule is Predictably Vague

Posted by James Newton

Zelda, Golden Sun for 2010, Famicom Wars DS 2 and Kirby there too

Some of the recent doom and gloom surrounding Nintendo's recent and projected sales results may have put some fans in a melancholic state, but the company's upcoming release schedule should provide a welcome bit of optimism, though as always it's tempered with calls for caution.

Big titles on the list Legend of Zelda and Golden Sun DS (both temporary titles) are both given a surprising TBA date in Japan with a more concrete 2010 release abroad. Bear in mind that refers to the financial year 2010, which ends in March 2011, so don't bank on them both arriving before New Year's.

Famicom Wars DS 2 also appears in the Japanese list though worryingly not Western territories, perhaps leaving the door open for a release in early 2011. Presumed missing Wii adventure Hoshi no Kirby also rears its pink blobby head, with only a temporary title and TBA date to tide over fans of the little puffball.

The schedule also reaffirms that the 3DS will be available before the end of the current financial year in March 2011, though predictably discloses no software for the machine.

There's also a third-party list that sadly seems full of licensed properties, party games and sequels, but with a 2010 line-up that's still to deliver Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M, Golden Sun DS and a new Legend of Zelda game it looks like both machines could recover from their recent sales slumps.


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Corbs said:

Golden Sun DS and 3DS alone have me plenty excited for the rest of the fiscal year. Bring 'em on!



Cipher said:

Famicon Wars DS2 isn't on our release schedules because we already have it. In NA, it's Days of Ruin; in Europe, it's Dark Conflict.



Slapshot said:

Brind on the Golden Sun DS so I can finally have something new to play on my DS its getting really dusty!



Noire said:

I'd be less anxious about Golden Sun if they'd give us one little screenshot or something...

Oh well. I'll have it... within the next ten months, apparently. >__<

as if the previous seven years wasn't enough



Dodger said:

I can't wait for some info on the new Zelda... Mario Galaxy 2 looks too hard for me and I am not that into Metroid. :/



Angaran said:

I hope the next Zelda is a super good game, Twilight princess is so far the best game I've ever played. 3



Stuffgamer1 said:

@ZarroTsu: Was there some reason we were EXPECTING Lufia? If you're referring to that DS remake of Lufia II, I'll remind you that this is a JAPANESE list of upcoming games, and that game was released over there in February.



Megumi said:

@Cipher: You sure?...Cause Dual Strike and Days of Ruin are like...two different series if you think about it.



Token_Girl said:

Of course it's going to be vague. Ninty always makes sure E3 is full of surprises (and they need something to be a surprise since the 3DS cat was let out of the bag).

That being said, 3DS and Zelda are plenty to keep me excited. Kirby...well...hasn't that been on the list as TBA since the Wii came out? Not going to get my hopes up there.



Cipher said:

@BellGoRiiing - yep, Dual Stike was "Famicom Wars DS" when it was released in Japan and Days of Ruin hasn't yet been released over there - it's definitely "FW DS2".



Megumi said:

I dunno...doesn't sound right for some reason, lol. I think its a sequel to one of the two.



mastersworddude said:

I homestly want a whole new franchise from Nintendo like Pikmin on GCN, not just another Metroid, Kirby, Mario and Zelda (Well Zelda I do want a little) I want Nintendo to experiment like on the GC.



marioman5 said:

agree with above. also i hop they make some sort of new mario party, because 8 was terrible



WildPidgeyAppears said:

Nintendo's vagueness on its first- and second-party games is really annoying...however, very soon (i.e. this summer) we'll be graced with SMG2, Metroid Other M, Sonic 4 on at the very least the Nintendo hardcore have those to make them happy. Plus we also have the 5th gen Pokemon games and other stuff to look forward to



Slapshot said:

Metroid Other M is coming this year wich was enough for me to warrant purchase of another Wii..... I literally cant wait, ive watched the new vid online prob 30 times lol.

@Corbie.... dude PLEASE give us a really good preview of your hands on time Im sure you will get of it at E3!



28greg said:

Theres a kirby wii game!??!! NO WAY i think i might ExplodE for a true sucsessor to crystal shards. I want 3d kirby...... all the ds kirbys have been 2d though the cut scenes from superstar ultra were extremily nice but they were nothing more than movies a few seconds long the whole game should have been like that but it couldn't since the ds has low memory and prosessing power limits. the wii would be perfect ESPECIALLY if they brought back the combining powers thing from K64TCS that was the best.



28greg said:

when i said 3d kirby i meant 3d side-scroller not mario galaxy type 3d which some people dumbly call "2.5D" a 3d sidescroller IS 3D it has a 3D engine and is running in 3D the whole time and you can plainly see it is polygonal 3D and not all 2D games are sidescrollers tons are 3/4 top view games or even side view and are still 2D like mario kart super circiut. a real 2.5D game is a combo of 3d and 2d for example ninja gaiden ds resident evil ds. imo.



Gilberd said:

New Age Retro Hippie is correct
I am really wondering if Nintendo would ever release it
they said they would last year and they say it again this year
but i have yet to hear any word of it from them

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