Not to be outdone, Kirby sabotages the platforming competition.

It's been a long time coming, but it looks like a Kirby adventure might actually make it onto Wii yet.

According to Official Nintendo Magazine UK, a list of upcoming Nintendo releases attached to the company's Financial Results Briefing document includes the elusive Hoshi no Kirby, or Kirby of the Stars as the Queen would say. Unsurprisingly, the entry doesn't have an associated release date other than To Be Announced.

The pink puff has made appearances in many games over the years, but the last time a home console saw a brand-new Kirby platformer was 2001's Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

Before you get too excited, keep in mind that a Kirby Wii game has been on release schedules for years and has yet to even be shown, making the game something of a unicorn. That being said, let's connect some speculative dots.

The June issue of Nintendo Power has a big teaser page at the end with a block of text saying that their July issue will have, among other things, an exclusive reveal of a "huge new title." The text is placed on top of an image taken in space with a large pink nebula in the top left quarter. Magazines tend to name their issues a month in advance, so the July issue will actually be released in June right around the time of E3.

Again, the listing is not conclusive proof that Kirby will finally star in a new adventure, but it seems as likely as ever.