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Japan to Cool Off with Mario and Animal Crossing Fans

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Club Nintendo Japan gets all the cool stuff - literally

While the rest of the world can satisfy itself with tiny cards and Wii Remote baskets, Japan just got an item to once again pique the rest of the world's envy – Mario and Animal Crossing themed handheld fans for 150 coins a pop at their local Club Nintendo.

This is especially distressing news for the rest of the world, who will most likely be quite angry that they can't purchase these in their own Club Nintendo shops, naturally increasing their body heat (especially about the face area) and reminding them that if they had said fans, they wouldn't be so hot. It's a vicious cycle for them, but in Japan, Nintendo fans can both keep cool and look cool doing it.


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Axoloth said:

I already bought a fan when I was in Japan a couple of years ago, so I can keep cool!
It was a bit expensive though, and I think it was one of those fans they sell to tourists, which is made to look fancy rather than made to actually be used...



RyuZebian said:

Stupid Nintendo... Not even Club Nintendo in Sweden... I'm such a Nintendo fan... Why can't I have a Nintendo FAN?! : /



sillygostly said:

I just want the K.K. Slider album to come to Australia. =(

Hell, I'd even buy it if they'd sold the damn thing imagines blasting K.K. Sonata in the car* A man can dream. =D



Klapaucius said:

The best thing of the Club Nintendo in Japan is that wait a short while and it can all be bought second hand.



pokemonzrpg said:

These look really cool! The Mario and Animal Crossing game series are two of my favorites, in fact, they might be my two top favorites!



AVahne said:

The best thing for a Nintendo fan in the USA would be the poster sets, unless you are REALLY into collecting G&W collections. The hanafuda cards are kinda nice but they are so goddamn expensive.

Wish that NoA was cool enough to give us these fans. (No pun intended)



ueI said:

Whatever, I already have enough fans. I never use them anyway.

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