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Flight Control Cleared for Landing on WiiWare

Posted by James Newton

Firemint title rated for release

The world and its dog can't get enough of Firemint's air traffic 'em up Flight Control, as witnessed by its appearances on iPhone, DSiWare and even on iPad. Anyone who's not yet succumbed to its path-plotting charms could get one more chance to try it out, as Australian body the OFLC has rated the game for release on Wii.

The body doesn't differentiate between Wii retail and WiiWare, but our money is on this being released for WiiWare rather than on disc. Hopefully it'll include the online leaderboards and other content that was sadly missing from the otherwise enjoyable DSiWare release, though it remains to be seen whether the Wii Remote can provide the pinpoint accuracy needed to avoid smashing jumbo jets into each other.


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Tethers said:

@ Gavin Rozee: Oh yeah, that was, beside the extraction of the online leaderboards and other content, one of the reasons for me not to buy it, although at first I was highly interested in it.



sykotek said:

It is my opinion that this is one of the best games available for download on DSiWare to date. A very good game for quick pick up and play sessions. I don't plan on buying if for Wii, but hopefully, they'll be able to accurately translate the precise gameplay needed using the IR for those with a Wii, but without the DSiWare or iPhoneOS versions.



3230ru said:

wow... unexpected. all this price questions are wasting of time (which equals money by the way ) ..But anyone who haven't tried this game - try it immediately on any platform that You own! And that's it, because this one is amazing.



ReZon said:

I just picked up a Touch, so I'll probably give Flight Control a look-see now (and at a fair price).



Chunky_Droid said:

I might wait and see how it fairs upon release

I'm not getting an iPhone, nor do I have any remote interest in getting one, and the iPad has absolutely nothing of interest for me either, so I may pick this up if it's good!



ZarroTsu said:

Here's the thing: It was successful on Handheld products. I somehow doubt it will live up to the hype of a console, if only because this doesn't sound like the sort of game intended to be played for hours at a time. It makes much more sense to flip the thing out of your pocket and play it for maybe 10, 20 mins if your bus was delayed.



pixelman said:

Ahh cool. It'll be interesting to see how well it controls. If it gets good reviews and doesn't cost too much, I'll probably buy it. :3



brandonbwii said:

Despite what you guys say, if this sucker is 500 pts. like it's dsiware counterpart, I know it'll be near the top of the Wii Shop download charts.



Moco_Loco said:

My biggest worry would be lack of control. Precise IR control can be a little fiddly sometimes. I remember sometimes having to try a couple times to get the wind in NyxQuest go the direction I wanted it to. I can't imagine how tricky that could get with a game like Flight Control.

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