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Animal Color Cross coming to DSiWare

Posted by Anthony Dickens

French based developer Little Worlds Studio announces upcoming 'draw-em-up' scheduled for release this 'Spring'

Animal Color Cross offers accessible and addictive entertainment for gamers, nongamers, and sharp-witted puzzle solvers alike! The goal of the game is to reconstruct a mysterious animal image that lies beneath the grid. Players simply need to fill in each square of the grid with one of the appropriate colors available. To solve the puzzle, gamers can simply deduce the right color by using the numbers written around the grid.

The game will boast a total of 72 playable grids, spread out over 8 geographical areas such as Europe, Oceania, North Pole, Pacific, etc. - apparently this will last you up-to 50 hours. At 500 points it's due for release in "Spring" which we translate to any-time in the next month or two.

Here's the announcement trailer:

Animal Color Cross allows players looking for a quick distraction to complete an individual grid whenever they have a few spare minutes. The bus has arrived or your meeting is about to start? Don’t worry, Animal Color Cross features a saving system to record your progression on the fly. Not sure about the area you are dealing with and the number of squares already marked? The game’s “aid system” helps you along the way. Work with grid numbers and layers of colors and if you do well each individual grid reveals an animal illustration in pixel art and you unlock a portion of a larger, secret, and beautiful image.

Naturally you can expect our full review of the title when it lands.


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Sean_Aaron said:

So it's like Hudson's Colourful Logic puzzles? Hard to go wrong there, everybody loves picross, right?




Can't get enough of this type of game. Pic Pic, Picross, Picross 3D I have them all and I want more! BTW, where's our (EU's) Glow Artisan?!

Insta-download (this and Glow)



Klapaucius said:

Is it by the same people behind the first Color Cross? If so, then no thank you. I love Picross, finished Picross DS and Super Mario's Picross, and thought this would give me more Picross love... but no. This adds too many layers. Its illogical and frustrating.
I recommend fans of Picross to stay clear, unless they fix the premise for this game. And if you've never played Picross, then play Picross!




WooHoo! can't wait. I just pre-ordered Color Cross. According to it's release data for the US is the 18th.

I hope Hudson's Illust Logic DSi game(s) get released outside of Japan.
(I can't get enough Picross )



Sean_Aaron said:

@Klapaucius: How is it frustrating? I find the colours make it a lot easier than normal picross (at least in the Hudson Colourful Logic game) because the colours are indicated in the sidebars.

I've got Illust Logic for DSiWare on my Japanese LL; expect First Impressions soon (spoiler: it's picross and it's great!).



EdEN said:

Picross in color. Ok, I'll download this. And Color Cross as a retail release for $19.99 makes a lot of sense. I just need to know if Animal Color Cross is included in the retail release or if this is more of a stand-alone extra level pack.



James said:

I really enjoyed this (that's my 7/10 rating the trailer mentions, by the way!) so this is a day one download for me. Sweet!



oinkmooblah said:

A "Create-your-own" mode utilizing the DSi camera seems kind of like a no-brainer... Glow Artisan did it... :/



Klapaucius said:

Too much trial and error involved. The indicators on the side are nowhere near as helpful and logical as normal Picross. Also, the background colour makes it often difficult to discern whats on screen, and background animations are just plain distracting. The interface could do with an overhaul too, to be more intuitive like Nintendo's own Picross.
I'm talking about Colour Cross, of course, as I havn't played any of the Illust games in Japan (will be picking them up soon, though, as need more Picross action), so I can't say how those others are. Also, it looks like this Animal Color Cross might be a bit different to Colour Cross (the background isnt animated, for one thing). For 500 points its certainly worth a go.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@EdEN: From the trailer and my experience with an imported copy of Colour Cross, it looks like they have completely separate puzzles.

I imported Colour Cross a few months ago because I figured it was never going to release in America. Suddenly I find out it IS releasing here, and in only two weeks? I wish I could afford to buy it, in part to see if it's changed at all, but mainly to show support for the release of more games like this in America. I'll definitely download the DSiWare game, at any rate.

@Klapaucius: I agree that the backgrounds can sometimes be a problem, but I rarely had any trouble with the hints. It IS necessary to switch among the colors frequently in order to get more clues for the others, though.



Pilou said:

This is a fun and time consuming game ! And it's out now ! Enjoy!

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