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Animal Color Cross offers accessible and addictive entertainment for gamers, nongamers, and sharp-witted puzzle solvers alike!

The goal of the game is to reconstruct a mysterious animal image that lies beneath the grid. Players simply need to fill in each square of the grid with one of the appropriate colors available. To solve the puzzle, gamers can simply deduce the right color by using the numbers written around the grid.

Get hooked on colorful puzzles!
Puzzle solving addicts, Sudoku and Picross fans, or any kind of fast-witted minds can get their brain fix with Animal Color Cross on DSiWare. Gamers can play 72 individual grids in up to 50 hours of gameplay. Players can select among 8 Levels presented as Geographical Zones including Europe, Oceania, North Pole, Pacific, North America, South America, etc, to discover local fauna. Each Geographical Zone features an increasing level of difficulty. If your brain needs a highly challenging fix, try a grid up to 20 by 25 squares to fill with up to 8 different colors. Time and accuracy count! Guess wrong and you earn a penalty. Victory is measured by time minus penalties – compete against yourself for better scores! Kids can also complete the difficult puzzles as there are no Game Over constraints but only time penalties.

Easy to understand, Easy to play
Animal Color Cross allows players looking for a quick distraction to complete an individual grid whenever they have a few spare minutes. The bus has arrived or your meeting is about to start? Don’t worry, Animal Color Cross features a saving system to record your progression on the fly. Not sure about the area you are dealing with and the number of squares already marked? The game’s “aid system” helps you along the way.
Work with grid numbers and layers of colors and if you do well each individual grid reveals an animal illustration in pixel art and you unlock a portion of a larger, secret, and beautiful image.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Picross with a twist

Despite there being so many different number-based puzzle games, some publishers seem to love putting nothing but Sudoku games on DSiWare. Nintendo has sadly not delivered a download for "A Little Bit of Picross DS" yet, so for now, this is the...

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Retro-Commando said:

I have this game and it is fairly good quite confusing at first (haven't played picross apart from the demos on the nintendo channel) and looking at the trailer alone you can work out that this is great for 500 points. ( 50 hours of gameplay excluding the amount of time that you will be going back onto each puzzle aiming for the best time possible.)



flowerchild said:

How much longer does N. America have to wait for this? Sure hope it becomes a reality real soon!



jhuhn said:

The release for North America according to GameSpy, is June 28, 2010.



flowerchild said:

jhuhn: I apologize for just noticing that you had answered my question.
Obviously, I know by now that this game has been released..LOL! So, thanks for your answer. I certainly appreciate it.

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