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Fishie Fishie Is Getting Ready to Splash Out on WiiWare

Posted by Sean Aaron

New "one-button action" game from DK Games

We've just been sent a trailer from developer DK Games about its upcoming WiiWare title Fishie Fishie. You might remember the developer for its ball-rolling game Equilibrio, which was recently selected by Marvelous Entertainment to be part of the World Game Parade of European WiiWare titles being published in Japan.

This colourful fish-filled game sees players directing their "fishie" around a playfield to achieve various goals across 100 levels in six game modes, including football – surely one of the world's most popular sports can only get better when played by fish? But don't take our word for it, see for yourself:

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Sean_Aaron said:

Who doesn't like a little speed metal with their fish?

Kristof, is it really played only with one button or do you use the pointer as well and is this a title aimed at everyone or is it skewed at younger players?



Omanamona said:

I remember playing this game on the PC awhile back. Its really addicting!

And yes, you use one button: When not holding down the button, the fish moves clockwise, and when you hold down the button, it moves counter-clockwise.

A low price would do this game good; 1000 points would be too much.



Kristof said:

The whole game is played with only one button ("A" on Wii Remote, or "Z" on Nunchuk)
Pointer is used to easy menu navigation.
The game is aimed at everyone. The playtests showed that adults/geeks liked it very much. (that explain the trailer orientation).



Sean_Aaron said:

Sounds good - it certainly looks colourful enough and everybody likes fish amirite?

I believe the goal was 500pts, but I could be wrong on this.



Kristof said:

The price should be 500 points yes.
I guess everyone like fishes and football/soccer as you said.
My own preference go to "Capture the star" mode (same as "Capture the Flag").



shake_zula said:

@Kristof: Yeah, the CTF mode really got my attention. I take it there's a two player mode? How about online multiplayer? I'm guessing no for the latter, but it's been years since I had a good game of online CTF :[ MW2 didn't really do it for me.



odd69 said:

The music was rocking,melting of the face.Hideous is just your opinion.
bangs head ,then gets a headache



Kristof said:

CTF is 2 vs 2, can be played by 4 human players (2 vs 2, or 4 humans vs 2 cpu).
Online feature is very nice, but unfortunatly not affordable to the small developper I am (would have required lot of extra months of work).
I'll surely try adding online feature for one of my next game.



Kristof said:

Chunky Droid> Yes this is FARB's "Fishie Fishie" PC game. I'd liked very much the original game and I was sure it would be nice on Wii. I spend nearly one year improving the game (the PC game is one of the 6 modes). Now (to me) the game is very fun (multiplayer is a real plus).
On my previous game (Equilibrio), artist was from Australia.



Moco_Loco said:

Might have to try the PC version to see if I like it or not. It is kind of hard to tell what's going on in the trailer, but I'm always looking for games that are fun to play with my kids.



Kristof said:

PC Version is fine, but the WiiWare version have a complete tutorial, which make the game more easy to understand and control (especially for Kids).



AlexSays said:

I have no idea what is going on in that video.

Yeah really. lol
That and the controls sound awful.

Clockwise and counterclockwise? I like my fish to go straight and make sharp turns and all that cool stuff.
Seems easier if the pointer was used to navigate the fish and no buttons were used at all.



Porky said:

@Kristof: This looks good enough for a buy for me. You probably don't have to worry about sales; fish games sell real good on wiiware like My Aquarium.



Kristof said:

AlexSays> The controls are fine. This is the first thingsa creator should care in a game. Bad control means bad game. Maybe by "awful" you mean that it will make you brain work. If so, then yes
Ezekiel> I wish you were right. I'd be happy if I sell half the number of "My Aquarium"



Yasume said:

Equilibrio sucked, so I have no hope for this one. It looks just as chaotic as Gravitronix and we all know how that turned out.



Sean_Aaron said:

It would be nice to see how the game plays before passing judgement, no? This is based on an established IP and all, so let's try to be a little more open-minded!



AlexSays said:

Two thingsas. Developers usually don't put their games on the market thinking the controls are bad. There are lots of Wii games with bad controls.

Sean I know you're a half full kinda guy (not in that picture, you look very slimming) but if people waited until games came out before they were allowed to have any sort of opinion, hardly anyone would ever post. And we can't discriminate against the half empty people now can we!



Kristof said:

AlexSays> Developpers can put their game on market WITHOUT testing it on players (so get a feedback on how the controls are good or not). This is quite hasardous.
I'm spending lot of time testing the game on players, getting feedback and improving the game. I'm also dealing internal Nintendo game play evaluation team to get more efficient feedbacks.
So yes, the controls in Fishie Fishie are good. (because xx players found it good).
The only question is: will you like them ?

Sean> Would be great yes Hopefully there are lot of open-minded people. I do not mind about people that judge without trying. If anyone is close to Paris, just come and try the game



miketh2005 said:

The first game was waaay too hard and relied too much on luck. I couldn't even get past the 2nd world, maybe I just suck, or the luck in the game was really against me. I'm sure if I tried abnother 50 times I could beat it, but then I would probably just have another hard world to get through.

Please make it easier. Or, really, it should have a difficulty level. Especially since this is geared to the whole family. Starting the WHOLE world over is waay too hard, repetitive and boring. The difficulty would be great if you didn't have to start the whole world over. Imagine you having to start the whole world over in super monkey ball xD.



brandonbwii said:

I always have hope for a developer's sophmore effort, even if the first title is bad (not that Equilibrio was that BAD, just a bit on the average side for me).

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