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Mario & Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Almost Considered a Possibility

Posted by Brad Long

Unsurprisingly, Wii DLC is also out

In a recent Q&A about Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing with The Kartel, producers Omar Woodley, Dan Gallardo were popped the million-dollar question: was Mario ever considered for the race?

Everything is a possibility. It definitely was discussed way early on in development, but just the fact that we have the whole separate “Mario and Sonic” series; well frankly we didn’t want to cross contaminate them.

Also in the same interview, they confirmed that downloadable content would not be made available for the Wii version of the game due to memory constraints. This will sadly only be an Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 exclusive. The full interview can be read here.

We here Nintendo Life Towers feel that SEGA should cross contaminate all they want, giving the Wii version a leg up for exclusive fun. Maybe next time.


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TingLz said:

I get the feeling that Sonic and Mario are gonna be in more games together



Rm88 said:

I really DON'T like Sonic and Mario being in the same game, other than Brawl.



TwilightV said:

Gonna laugh if the game bombs on everything but Wii.

@irken004: I read this one really funny comic strip that explained it. I'll go look for it then post a link here.

EDIT: Can't find the darn thing! XP



Stuffgamer1 said:

@irken: Read the interview. It tells you EXACTLY why Sonic is in a car.

This is the first interview I've read that said DLC was a given. Before, they've said it would depend upon the sales of the game on PS360. I'm getting it on PS3 (as are some others around NLife), and I look forward to seeing what new content will come.



JimLad said:

@The Amazing Raccoon
I agree
but to be honest, Sonic has a reputation to rebuild before he can stand beside Mario again.
Sonic 4 is a good start...



Vinsanity said:

I wish Mario were in Sonic All Stars Racing...but it's too balanced for a racer of his stature for him to associate with it:)

Seriously; I played both the DS demo and the one on PSN for PS3 - Sumo digital nailed things. It's polished, fun, and their racing model feels great. And it's nowhere near as unbalanced as the horrible Mario Kart Wii. For the first time - perhaps ever - a SEGA mascot spinoff title is probably better than the Nintendo equivalent this generation.

Though to be fair, neither cart racer rips off Diddy Kong Racing. THAT'S the game they should rip off. Instead of unbalanced weapons, giving all the good stuff to losers in the back of the pack, DKR had that excellent weapon stacking system. Want the best item? Work for it! it was simple, elegant and highly effective. Why does no one use THAT system these days!?!



irken004 said:

reads interview... Well that's just silly Sonic could just run a tad slower.

Which makes me wonder, how did Tails always move so fast with Sonic just by using his tails as propellers in the older games? This is MAD science I tell you!



Sneaker13 said:

DLC could be pretty easy, there is lack of storage for people that aren't aware of it. But what if Nintendo release a SD card of 2 GB or 4 GB with some extra characters or tracks for Mario Kart (a game most people already have).



vherub said:

i played the ps3 demo, not interested. but if mario was in the title, it would easily sell 500k-1 million on the wii



edhe said:


No, No, NO, NO NO!

This trend of Sonic and Mario appearing in each others games must be nipped in the bud before it becomes more widespread!

UK nintendolifers may imagine it like Ant and Dec - always together, never apart - neither one famous or wanted without the other one by his side, grinning and flashing his giant balding forehead.

Does anyone here want Sonic and Mario to be the Ant and Dec of the videogame world?



itsmeyouidiot said:

Sonic is in a car because ITS A FREAKING GO-KART GAME. Kart racing without a kart is like boxing without gloves; the rules just won't allow it.



Capt_N said:

@Iz2010: So do I.

@y2josh: Yeah, he does.

Also, Mario looks sorta like he did in Sunshine, like plastic.

On another note: Maybe Sonic's rep will be restored by the combined efforts of Nintendo, & Sega?




Mario and Sonic WiiMotionSportsPlus...Golf, Baseball, Badminton, Darts, Basketball, Squash, Air Hockey....bring it on



Crunc said:

Does this imply that there will be DLC on the 360? If so I guess that is the version I'll get. I would like to race with my Mii's though. I like Mii's more then Avatars for the most part.



Crunc said:

The problem, I believe, is the internal storage and the fact that nothing can run from an SD card. WiiWare and VC games stored on SD are first copied into internal memory and then run. Rock Band 2 first copies songs from the SD card into internal memory. Stuff can only be stored on SD, not directly used from it. Now maybe they can make it work via a firmware upgrade that would enable the ability to run stuff directly from SD. I don't know if there are technical issues with that or not, though.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Go ahead and cross-contaminate!
...just not 100%. I want them to have separate adventures themselves and not be a sell-out.

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