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Nintendo Download: 19 & 20 January 2010 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

Another light week for Japanese downloads.

Nintendo corporate seems to be imitating the European division when it comes to the Wii in Japan with a second week of VC-only downloads: only one title this week for the little white box. The DSi fares a little better with five new releases, some of which are actually games!

Virtual Console

Salad no Kuni no Tomato Hime (500pts Famicom - Hudson) - Known outside of Japan as Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom, this is a rarity on the Famicom: a first-person adventure game - aside from the fact that your character is a fruit or vegetable!


Atama o Yokusuru Ansan DS Zoo no Hana Fuusen (200pts - Shingakusa/Zenkaken) - This is an educational title for kids which helps them learn mental arithmatic. By touching numbered balloons that come out of an elephant's nose in the bottom screen you need to make sums matching those displayed on a balloon coming out of an elephant's nose in the top screen.

Nandoku 500 Kanji Word Puzzle (200pts - I.E. Institute) - A word puzzle game which is designed to help you learn 500 kanji characters displayed on tiles which fall from the top of the screen.

Renjuku Kanji: Shoogaku 2 Nensei (500pts - I.E. Institute) - Complementing the puzzle game is an application which aims to teach beginning kanji characters to young students with a focus on both writing and reading comprehension.

Naruto: Shippuden (500pts - Takara Tomy) - Not really a game, this is a fun photo app with a Naruto theme featuring various frames and cut-outs where you can stick your face on your favourite character and send them to your friends. There is an option to turn your creations into sliding puzzle games, so it's not competely game-free.

Reflect Missile (500pts - Nintendo) - The only title likely to appeal to our readers is already available in other territories. Interestingly Japan has decided to use the European name for this game, which we can all agree is better than Trajectile.

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Froggievilleus said:

Sweet jiblets - it's Princess Tomato! One of the few NES games that I actually beat back in the day. Now I feel old. And yes I would download it if it came to the States.



Sneaker13 said:

Salad no Kuni no Tomato Hime sounds great. And an european release could be possible because I see it's English.



accc said:

^You have no idea what you're talking about. Princess Tomato by itself makes this update full of win!



Bananahh said:

@ChibiLink: I want fotofighter too! Hope it gets released : But you would need someone else to hold to dsi when you want to create moves.



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, it's not really a game...unless you're being ironic -- there's been lots of them haven't there? Just not many outside of Japan...



V8_Ninja said:

Oh god, now they're making photo apps based on Naruto? Shippuden no less? (Starts singing) It's the end of the world as we know it...

Seriously, why did they have to go with Naruto Shippuden? What about Fullmetal Alchemist? At least that's a GOOD anime...



Sabrewing said:

Gawd, I still can't believe Princess Tomato was even imagined, let alone selected, for the Virtual Console service. I'd wager to say it's the oddest choice right behind Cho Aniki.



Morpheel said:

you could just take photos of naruto from somewhere else and make them borders for your photos in the camera channel...



TheLonelyGamer said:

Oh cool! Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom! Never thought that would come to VC anytime soon.

I own Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom on my NES.



brooks83 said:

Princess Tomato is one of the greatest NES games ever. Come on Hudson, bring it to the US, and soon!



Phobos said:

Not bad. At least Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom is a decent update for Europe. Although, the others and maybe even Princess Tomato aren't gonna really cause an uproar in Japan I expect, I can say Nintendo's trying their best. I just don't see much in the Naruto photo application. I'd rather go for the My Sims, and we know how THAT isn't really useful.

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