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Fatal Frame IV Fan Translation Finally Released

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Experience the Japan-only horror game in a language you understand

Even though it may be denied an official release outside of Japan, fans of Tecmo's creepy-spooky Fatal Frame IV have taken the localization efforts into their own hands to do what Nintendon't and deliver a patch to fully translate the game into English. Yes, Virginia, it's done.

All you need is an SD card and an official Japanese retail copy of the game. The patch will work on any Wii, so no need to worry about pesky region locks or such, and you're not required to install the Homebrew Channel (although there's a loader for it for those that do). The fine folks responsible for the project have even gone so far as to create an extra costume pack.

Fatal Frame IV was developed by Grasshopper Manufacture (No More Heroes, Killer 7) and Tecmo and published by Nintendo in Japan in June 2008. As in the rest of the series, players are tasked with fighting off hostile spirits using an old camera obscura. Nintendo has stated that they won't be bringing the game Westward, so this is your best shot at experiencing it. So go get it! Well, that and a retail disc. You're on your own with that.


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jangonov said:

Do you have to have a Japanese wii? and if so do you have to hack at all?



jangonov said:

Wow. ok. I never played the others but I have a friend who loves the series. She was shocked that there was no NA release. Now I think I know what to do for her birthday.



JonWahlgren said:

There are instructions on the site, but basically all you need to do is put the patch on an SD card, install it and play the game as usual.



Pegasus said:

Very nice. This might make me consider importing the game then. Though I wonder how easily this might be broken by a firmware update. Hm.



accc said:

I heard this game is very glitchy... I'd rather see something like Captain Rainbow get translated tbh.



Chunky_Droid said:

Wow, I never even knew there was the capability to do patching translations without hacking. I might have to invest in an import copy now!



Ravage said:

Interesting... I might still pass and get Silent Hill, but a applaud the work these guys put into it.



Tsuchinoko said:

well, i live in japan, so i can easily buy a retail copy, and i understand japanese at a pretty high level, but i only have the NA Wii that i brought with me when i moved here. is there a patch that only bypasses the region lock?



Mange said:

All games should have this feature, and it should be the distibutors/importers responsibility to supply language packs either as dlc packs through wii shop channel or on their native webpage. No language pack should equal less money from sales of game. Wii more or less being a family console and I can count the games in Swedish on my fingers. Unbelievable.



MrPinguy said:

Wow when i just saw the headline i tought "Meh, it's an same for me i don't have an hacked wii." But now i got more hope for playing FFr4 in english!



Sean_Aaron said:

Interesting, I wonder how that works, some bug in the code? If a Captain Rainbow translation is possible that would be awesome because I have it sitting unplayed on the shelf; the prospect of using a walkthrough isn't appealing and my Japanese learning is still in its infancy.



outrun2sp said:

Getting this somehow this year. Play-asia though i expect sales are gonna go through the roof now. Wonder if this puts pressure on an official release.

Props to the translation team.



SanderEvers said:

And the peoples with USB loaders can just download the patched ISO.
So.. Pirating does have some advantages.



citizenerased said:

Wait, so if you can't play the Japanese game normally (because you have a PAL/NTSC-U console)... you can with this patch?

Yeah, Nintendo's not gonna let that happen.



warioswoods said:

Wow. I need to get ahold of an import copy forthwith, before the prices start to soar from increased demand.



ejamer said:

I'm highly interested, but don't understand how this is supposed to work without hacking the Wii. Playing discs from other regions? Running and/or installing code from the SD slot?

Definitely need to find out more, because I'm very interested in the title.



JohnshiBRPG said:

Quickly, Tell TECMO to use the English patch to fix some errors and use Tecmo USA as publisher for the NA distribution after settling with Nintendo!



ejamer said:

Wow, I'm impressed. This really seems on up-and-up.

Site and support forums are strongly anti-piracy and the patch seems to require an actual disc instead of allowing people to play a pirated version. Might void a warranty, might not... but seems worth trying if you can find the game at a reasonable price.

The downside is cost. It's pricey to import the game, so maybe I'll just wait until there are some second-hand copies floating around North America.



Caliko said:

Now the problem is finding a copy.

I searched Google and ebay and only found 1 still in bid for $65.00



Strofan7 said:

Yeah whatabouts would be the cost of importing this game? I've never done anything like this before but am very very interested.

Also is this game really worth it? Would I have more fun with silent hill or something of that nature or is this the best of the best?



ejamer said:

I think play-asia has the game for about $71 (CAD). When you can get Cursed Mountain and Silent Hill for the same price locally it's hard to justify unless you are really a collector... but hopefully increased demand will make the pricing more competitive before long here. (Especially since I think the game was clearance priced in Japan for a while now.)



motang said:

NOA is lame I don't know why they didn't bring this game state side! X(



citizenerased said:

"It already happened, and since it's on the Internet now. It will be forever."

I'm refering to the system update that Nintendo will release, possibly quite soon, to fix this "leak".



citizenerased said:

Forgot to add to that^ comment:
So unless you plan on never updating your Wii again, this is only a temporary thing.



AVahne said:

no hacking at all?perfect for me, since i refuse to hack or mod my Wii



Stuffgamer1 said:

@tealovertoma: Where's Nintendo's incentive to stop this, since it still requires an actual retail disc? They didn't try to shut down the Mother 3 fan translation (which they DO know about), and that DOESN'T require buying an original copy!

Now...I want to know how they got the game working around the region locks without hacking the Wii. Or more importantly, I want some extremely nice tech-savvy person to know, and make SD patches for several European Wii games so I don't have to hack my system to play them.

Also, I support the idea of someone using this technique to patch Captain Rainbow.



Tsuchinoko said:

again i ask, is there a patch to just bypass the region lock, i don't care if its translated or not, and i live in japan so its easy to get a copy (the price went down at my local store), there are a few other games i wanted to pick up, but the region lock on my Wii made me worry abouyt buying japanese games. Is it common for patches to come out that bypass the region lock?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Tsuchinoko: Not common at all; in fact, this is apparently the first! Usually, people just hack their Wii's to play out-of-region games. I REALLY don't want to do that, hence my previous post in this comment thread.

EDIT: Okay, I just did a bit of online research and found that they DO have plans to finish the region-lock bypassing patch for use with any game. To that I give a loud shout of HUZZAH!

It's labeled "Riivolution," and is one of several files you can download from the translation page linked in this article. You MIGHT be able to run the game not translated on your Wii using just that piece of code, but I don't know for sure. You could contact them directly through the site to find out, though.



City_Of_Delusion said:

Wait: a hack-free, disc-free, working version of the Freeloader is part of this? Nintendo won't stand for that.

[Edit] Correction: it's a game modding system. NSMBWii custom levels anyone?

And the PCification of consoles continues.



outrun2sp said:

Trouble with this game is that it has 3 bugs

1. Crash bug, thats easily avoidable.
2. You cannot complete the ghost list.
3. As a result of 2 you cannot get a special item without gameshark.

At this point tecmo were struggling for money so put faith in nintendo to handle the licensing / distribution issues with this game project. When bugs were identified Nintendo asked tecmo to fix the bugs and tecmo asked for money but nintendo wanted to rush the release. Nintendo wouldnt pay so left a message on the official jp page advising how to avoid bugs. No developer at nintendo is gonna touch tecmos game to rectify it hence its decided not to release it world wide. Tecmo should never deal with nintendo again as they were screwed in my opinion.

What an absolute Farce.

And also whats wrong with having a Wii that can play various regions. You bought it so you can do what you want with it. Ive got the american Silent Hill from ebay to play that was made in england but out in america for a month at least.

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