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Final Zelda Flipnote Released

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Last, but certainly not least...

Aardman Animation, the forces behind Wallace & Gromit, have just released the final video in their Zelda: Spirit Tracks series and we've got it for you.

This final video has a little bit of a humorous spin to it, and once again is quite an impressive Flipnote feat. And for those of you who haven't yet read our Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks review, don't forget to check it out as well.

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Heywood said:

I wonder how many hours (days) were spent into making that master-peice...



Monkeh said:

@Egg: Uhm, you think these Flipnotes are better than Spirit Tracks? I feel sad for your pathetic brain if you do.



ToneDeath said:

It'd be cool if Aardman did a claymation advert for a future Nintendo game, or even better a feature film. Their work appeals to young and old, just like the big N, and Gromit is proof that if anybody could do one of Ninty's numerous silent protagonists justice, it's them. So, what Nintendo game would you like to see up on the big screen, Chicken Run stylee?
(my vote goes to StarFox/Lylat Wars)

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