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Japanese Club Nintendo Members Get Game & Watch Goodness

Posted by Damien McFerran

Retro-themed freebies = WIN

Western Nintendo fans are used to getting rubbish gifts from Club Nintendo while their Japanese cousins take home some seriously amazing kit, but this latest news is especially depressing for anyone outside the Land of the Rising Sun.

Nintendo of Japan is offering actual Game & Watch "Ball" units to Platinum members. The units are replicas of the very first LCD handheld game Nintendo produced way back in 1980.

Nintendo's Game & Watch range was created by Gunpei Yokoi, who was also the man behind the Game Boy.

Not wanting to blow my own trumpet, but you can read a comprehensive history of the range - written by yours truly - here.


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Stuffgamer1 said:

Yawn I think I'll just stick with the Game & Watch Gallery series, thanks. Ball is one of my least favorite games from the series anyway.



Nnooo said:

Had Donkey Kong, Turtle Bridge, Oil Panic, Snoopy (Solar Colour one), Popeye (Solar Colour one), Mickey and Donald and DK Jr as a family.

Still have most of them and am trying to grow my collection again



SwerdMurd said:

God bless you Gunpei. Seriously--guy was such a forgotten innovator--so many of today's concepts were inspired by his designs.

Good reference Damo; and wrote a metric ton and quite well--toot away, and thanks for the link! I love learning new stuff.



Mayhem said:

Buying and registering lots of games... same principle now applied to the US Club Nintendo. These will be all over eBay in due time anyhow, so anyone should be able to get one if they want it...



Golgo said:

OK I s'pose...but do they get glorious wallpapers and ringtones like us? Hmm? HMMM?!?!



Morpheel said:

its not like i can register my games at nintedo anyways...

seriously why do they even put "register your games at <insert page here>!" in spanish in the booklets of the games if the actual page says "only for USA and Canada"... seriously...



mushroomer said:

Im a club nintendo member in japan and usa.. My japan account is through my mom-inlaw.. Ive already received the hanafuda card set as well as few other items.. Wonder if im elegible for these new things.. I got last years calendar free. so maybe the new calendar will come soon!!!



mushroomer said:

Current List of Items available on the Japanese Club Nintendo:
Ultra-Hand - 50points
Animal Crossing (Letter Set) - 100points
Business Cards with your costom Mii and theme of choice. - 150 Points
Zelda Posters - 250 Points
Animal Crossing Photo Box - 250 Points
Original Mario Badge (Type B) - 250 Points
Kirby's Ultra Deluxe Sound Track - 400 Poings
Club Nintendo Hanafuda Deck - 400 Points
Touch Generation Soundtrack - 400 Points
Mario & Luigi RPG Sound Selection - 400 Points
絶叫戦士 サケブレイン(Shouting Soldiers - Shouting Lane DS Game) - 500 Points
Game&Watch Collection 1 DS - 500 Points
Game&Watch Collection 2 DS - 500 Points



thewiirocks said:

Game & Watch Collection 1 is available in the US for 800 coins. It disappeared for a short while when Ninty ran out of stock, but it's now available again. (I just ordered mine last night. )



Morpheel said:

@Stuffgamer1: well, being games to be sold (or used, or rented) "only in USA, Canada and Mexico" as most boxes say, they dont ship Club Nintendo's stuff to Mexico... Im not sure if they release the same game versions for the rest of LA, but they probably do.



theblackdragon said:

i wonder if they'll re-release any of the other old G&W games for Club Nintendo in Japan? that would be neat, to have an entire line of re-released ones...

also, 'grats on being published in a magazine. that's pretty cool, and it was a great article. :3



StarBoy91 said:

The Game&Watch Gallery compilations with those Game&Watch games are awesome, it's just a shame I had lost 4 for the GBA years ago. Aw, well; I've still got the first three, and they're quite fun to boot!
I once had a portable Donkey Kong Jr., but I've no idea where it went.



motang said:

I am very very sad right now, and also happy for the Japanese people!



Sylverstone said:

I want that badge!!!!

Game & Watch Collection 2 looks cool too.

It's like what most.... Okay, what everyone says: Japan always gets the cool stuff (first)!



TheLonelyGamer said:

I wish we would have got this as a Platinum Prize here in North America, I would have chosen this instead of the Mario Hat easily!



priah said:

hey mushroomer how do you register in club nintendo japan?!,.cause u know im getting a hard time to register cause i cant understand japanese,.any help?!

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