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Yoga for Wii Stretches Out

Posted by Sean Aaron

But slowly, to avoid pulling a muscle

Publisher JoWood may be best known for adventure games like the Sam & Max Collection and Agatha Christie titles - the latest of which they've just announced for DS - but they're taking a step into the expanding world of fitness gaming with the launch of Yoga for Wii.

Vienna, Austria, October 20th 2009; The world’s first 100% Yoga gaming experience is to be released by the Austrian publisher JoWooD for Wii™ in November. It includes 30 different Yoga poses to support your mental and physical well-being and soul.

From November on, “Yoga” for Nintendo’s console, Wii™, allows players to take a Yoga class with a real Guru - right in your own living room! No matter if you’re a beginner or a Yoga expert: Create and modify your individual training program, then practice your poses in seven highly detailed levels based on authentic places and buildings in Asia. An interactive Yoga Guru provides vital feedback, while top model Anja Rubik guides you through the game’s core features and tell you her own personal Yoga secrets. Using the Balance Board™, players receive feedback on how well they’re doing in the breathing and balance exercises.

Yoga for Wii is expected to hit Europe on November 20th and see the light of day in North America on December 9th. Anja Rubik (definitely no relation to the colourful cubes!) features heavily in the promotional materials for this product, but sadly will not be modelling during the routines themselves. Still that won't put us off reviewing this title to see how it stacks up against the yoga offerings included in Wii Fit Plus, so until our review enjoy the official trailer:

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JayArr said:

This game may be a stretch. Lotus see how this one plays out. Zen I'll let you [know] what I think.

Prosody edit - shame to see a good joke wasted by missing a key word



Sean_Aaron said:

I'd like to take credit for campaigning to review this one. Hopefully it won't disappoint!



heebeegeebee said:

"She was a yoga instructor. So I knew she was limber. With a big bottle of canola oil and monkey who was trained to work on a camera..."



Junkface said:

Get that gal a sandwich. For a second there I thought this was Resident Evil Yoga!

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