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The practitioners can monitor and dynamically track their progress. Set up an individual schedule and be guided by Anja and a Guru.

They will make suggestions to improve the practitions using the Balance Boards’ input and give it right back to the player. All this happens in a great variety of traditional locations and is accompanied by a relaxing and smoothing music from Asia.


  • Anja Rubik, an internationally rekown top model, and a Guru help the player with the practices, give lifestyle and workout tips & hints and review goals, scores and accomplishments.
  • Incorporation of the Wii Balance Board guarantees immediate and accurate feedback to the practitioner.
  • Choose from specific exercises or go through a complete and individual schedule.


  • A completely new fitness and lifestyle feel is provided by a unique combination of Yoga positions and breathing exercises .
  • The Guru will provide pieces of wisdom of a different culture and philosophy concerning spiritual themes.
  • An easy and highly motivating way to increase concentration AND fitness.

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Yoga for Wii Stretches Out

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Publisher JoWood may be best known for adventure games like the Sam & Max Collection and Agatha Christie titles - the latest of which they've just announced for DS - but they're taking a step into the expanding world of fitness gaming with the launch of Yoga for Wii. Vienna, Austria, October 20th 2009; The world’s first 100% Yoga gaming experience is to..

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Yoga for Wii with Anja Rubik coming November 20th exclusively for Wii

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