Preorder bonus idea: plastic moustaches.

JoWood Entertainment AG, a European publisher and distributor with a global presence, has announced a new adventure game based upon a novel by renowned mystery scribe Agatha Christie for the Nintendo DS:

Vienna, Austria, September 14, 2009; Agatha Christie’s A.B.C Murders tells the story of Captain Hastings and Hercule Poirot as they attempt to solve a series of bizarre murders committed by an elusive madman. Going off the simple clue of the A.B.C railway guide left at the scene of each crime, Hastings and Poirot follow the leads to Andover, Bexhill, Churston, and Doncaster trying to apprehend the killer before the next crime is committed.

In Agatha Christie’s A.B.C Murders for the Nintendo DS™, players control Captain Hastings as they live the mystery of the A.B.C. Murders. Using touch screen controls; players will inspect crime scenes, question suspects, and draw conclusions of their own in an effort to catch the criminal before the next victim is slain!

This is the second Agatha Christie title from the publisher, the first being And Then There Were None, a Wii port of the PC release from subsidiary The Adventure Company who also developed this game.

The release is scheduled for release on November 4th in North America and 20th November in the UK. We'll be reviewing it around the time of the UK release, but in the meantime enjoy the trailer below!