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Muramasa: The Demon Blade Moment of Art Trailer

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Ignition releases yet another new video of their upcoming Wii action title.

The guys at Ignition Entertainment were kind enough to send over another new video of their upcoming Wii 2D action side-scroller Muramasa: The Demon Blade. This trailer is titled Moment of Art and highlights some of the more stylistic moments in the game.

The new trailer illustrates some of the unique art styling which players will experience throughout the game. Beyond the beautiful hand-drawn main characters Kisuke and Momohime, the trailer goes into more depth about the 3D layered environments rendered with the utmost detail, environmental effects players will encounter as they trek across the expansive map, and massive boss battles showing a snapshot of their unique and equally gorgeous attack sequences.

As previously stated, we just can't get enough of these new Muramasa: The Demon Blade videos and absolutely can't wait to get our hands on this exciting 2D action release.

The game hits North American store shelves on September 9th and we'll have a full review of the game shortly thereafter. Until then, check out the brand new Moment of Art video below for a taste of what you can expect from this unique Wii action title.

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Syr said:

It looks awesome to me.. the combo system looks really enthralling and there are something like 110 different swords to find which adds replay value. I don't understand how people can dis the game play of a game they've never played.. oh well.

I don't want to be disappointed with the game though, so if anyone has substantiated proof of poor game play, please present it, otherwise, wtf



bro2dragons said:

good grief! yes, i want this game! yes, it looks beautiful! yes, the combat is sweet! but too many videos!!! just give us the game!

maybe this is part of the marketing ploy, though. make them able to think of nothing but our game, and they may buy it. ugh... i think it's working, too. talk about brainwashing.



pixelman said:

@Syr: Who's dissing the gameplay? All I said was that it doesn't look like something I'd want to play. I don't like Smash Bros. either, though many people do.



Corbs said:

As long as they keep sending videos, we're going to keep putting them up. That's how you get review copies. Keep the PR firms happy and they'll keep you happy.



Ristar42 said:

I think it looks great. As I said in the previous video comments though, hopefully Ignition will actually get this available in the UK. King of Fighters and Samurai Showdown are totally impossible to find and have been since their March release... May account for low sales over here!



AVahne said:

still deciding whether i want this or fire emblem radiant dawn for christmas....maybe i'll manipulate my parents to let me buy both



chadthegamer said:

I'm a little worried now. I'm sure this will be a great game, but I think it's getting over-hyped. Many over-hyped games(take the Conduit for example) weren't really impressive. Hopefully, this is not the case but I'll wait for the NL review on it.



LztheQuack said:

Oh no. I get this bad feeling about this game. All this hype! I hope this game doesn't end up like some of the other hyped games!!!!



PhillepinO said:

i assure you all.

This is a quality video game. I've played it in japanese and although I only played a few scenes, it was amazing!

I am now waiting for the english version since I dont understand japanese that well

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