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Nintendo Download: 07-08 July 2009 (JAPAN)

Posted by Sean Aaron

A couple of classics on the Wii and a whole lot of Electro-Plankton for the DSi next week in Japan.

Well it looks like Japan is having a WiiWare holiday next week with no new titles having been announced via the website or the shop news bulletin.

The two Virtual Console releases offer a catch-up title in the form of Super Punch Out for the Super Famicom (800pts) and yet another Virtual Console Arcade release from Namco in the form of Sky Kid (yay! -- also 800pts).

The DSi is getting no less than four Electro-Plankton titles, with a further two announced for release on the 22nd of July. These have already been seen in cartridge form for the DS a few years ago, so Nintendo seems to be trying to sell some plankton to new DSi owners who don't already know of it. The names in parentheses are the names of the titles as released outside of Japan; it probably won't be a surprise to see these appear on the DSi shop outside of Japan in the future.

The 08 July releases (200pts each) are:
Hanenbon (Hanebow)
Tsuriga ne Mushi ( Beatnes)

The titles being released on the 22nd of July are:
Rekku Rekku (Rec-Rec)
Hikari no Wa (Lumiloop)

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Sean_Aaron said:

We can only hope that every WarioWare and Mario Party game will eventually get individual release on WiiWare!



sfog said:

At least the Electroplankton DSiWare is cheaper than the cart version, even if you take all 10 parts into account. That totals $20, whereas the cart was never less than $30.

It also had a very limited release, only being sold online through GameStop and direct through Nintendo's online store.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Toddr: I think you're right, that's what it was called on the cart, but for whatever reason the DSiWare version is called Trapy -- who can say why? Technically the katakana for the game reads as Toreepii, or Treppy before anyone gets pedantic on me!



Supermarioman said:

Anybody who says Electroplankton is a rip-off, consider the fact that I bought my actual game cart two years ago and had to pay $50 for it then and that was at Gamestop!!!



JonWahlgren said:

Speaking of $50 DS carts, I saw Tetris DS used going for that much at GameStop yesterday. I know it's rare and all, but jeez, what a mark-up.

Anyway, I only recently got into DS stuff and would so be all over Electroplankton wares, even if it does support an arguably questionable game release practice.

Why, hello there, my two NPC games.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Oh man, I hope the Electroplankton stuff comes to the US. So sad I missed out on the chance to get a fairly-priced non-bootleg copy.



Popyman said:

Cool! Electro-Plankton! That's a smart game to release, seeing as you could only buy it online when it came out.



warioswoods said:


Nintendo just granted me my biggest fan-wish for the DSi. I cited Elektroplankton on this site a while back as the perfect fit for DSiWare, but never thought there was any chance of that coming to pass. I couldn't be more exuberant about it; let's hope they aren't slow in bringing it to the west. After all, there shouldn't really be much of any localization to take care of aside from the title screen.

And yes, 200 points each is very reasonable for what you're getting.



Ricardo91 said:

So Electroplankton, a game that was barely even a game to start with, is being broken into fragments for DSi too? Swell...
Also, Sky Kid sucks. Especially at 800 points.

At least Japan gets Super Punch-Out!! Though, so it's not all bad.



Larkin said:

YES!! I have always wanted to play Electroplankton so heres hoping they come out here



Egg_miester said:

i love electroplankton is great ds game i play it a lot, i hope dsi gets more and they come to states i may need to get a dsi



warioswoods said:

Having Hanebow on my DSi menu at all times will be wonderful. I've actually hooked the DS output to a car stereo before to sit there with Electroplankton and create atmospheric music to fit the driving scenery. Until I drove everyone crazy, that is.

Now they just need to create a miniature touchscreen-based Tenori-on app.



thewiirocks said:

Skykid is awesome. My only caveat is that if you have the NES version, there's not much reason to get the arcade version. It was a pretty simple game, so the two versions are extremely close. (At least, from what I recall.)



Mayhem said:

Considering Japan never got a retail release of Super Punchout (it was download station only) then hopefully more people over there will finally be able to play it



Supermarioman said:

I just saw a used copy of Electroplankton at a Bristol, VA Gamestop for $50, who gets that copy is a lucky duck because it comes with a box and not the gamestop one, the actual box!



fudgenuts said:

All the games from Electroplankton are:


Taken from the US Version of the game.



winter123 said:

It's kind of convenient to not have to put in a cartridge... for warioware i understand because it has no GBA cartridge slot.... but re releasing DS games peice by piece is a bit ridiculous.

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