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New Pop+ Solo Detonate Bonus Round Video

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out the Detonate bonus round of Pop+ Solo.

Nic Watt, Creative Director of Nnooo, has just sent over the latest video for their upcoming DSiWare title Pop+ Solo. The video shows off the Detonate bonus round and the gameplay that goes along with it.

Tap a bubble or pump it up to release a shockwave. Try to create a big chain reaction to score lots of points!

As you can see in the video, this mode is every bit as frantic as the Defend bonus round shown in the last gameplay trailer of the game. This title just keeps looking better and better and is definitely on our DSiWare watch list.

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We'll have more information on Pop+ Solo as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the DSiWare service.


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Corbs said:

As I've stated previously, this is at the top of my wish list. Looks great!



NuevoVida said:

I'm not to excited about this one either EmulationZones. Hopefully Nintendo will not release that game today. Instead I hope the DSi Shop update for today will feature Flipnote Studio, Mr. Driller, and Chiria no Doobutsu Koya.



WolfRamHeart said:

I really like the music and it looks pretty fun! I think I'll just wait for the review then maybe I'll get it.



derickw69 said:

Dear God when is this game coming out? I have been dying to buy a new DsiWare game for months just because I want this game. And for all of the people saying that they don't get the point of popping bubbles, please go try the WiiWare version. It really is a great "come home from work and chill out" kind of feel to it. Hurry up Nnooo please.



Kenji510 said:

I hope we get this game soon and comes out sooner.. the wiiware version was great and cant wait to try out this one as well.. they added bosses in this game too.




I just made an account today! YAY!I am so excited for pop plus solo! I hope it comes out neaxt week. I think it was supposed to come out at launch. If it doesnt come out soon im probally gonna use my remaining 600 free points on some art style game. Come on pop plus solo!



legochesser said:

Can't wait for this. The DSiWare releases were in America fantastic, but here in Europe wasn't where I counted on. Hopefully will this game next friday released, if not, then I hope an other good game/app. (M.vs.DK: MMA! or Flipnote Studio!)



Nnooo said:

Hey guys,

We are getting closer and closer. Down to our last few bugs now and then we can submit to Nintendo. Once Nintendo approve it we will be in a great place to let you know the release date (probably depends on the queue of releases waiting).

As for what you do... At its simplest you pop bubbles. However we think there is quite a lot of depth. Each wave has smaller and faster bubbles to pop, there are boss battles and 4 bonus round types to unlock. Then there is the chain mechanic where if you can keep popping the same colour you will build up a chain and get multipliers...

However when you are in a chain the timer is counting down so you have to decide when to break the chain (pop a different colour) so you can get the points and time you have racked up with the chain!

There are 8 modes to unlock so there is quite a lot to do. We think that if we can get it up there for 500 points it will be very good value for money comparatively speaking.




Oscarsome said:

Oh, that does sound more interesting!

How long is the game? Umm...yeah, even though there's 8 modes. How long is the main mode?




16 waves of bubbles including 4 bosses in the main mode from what ive heard but theres badges and stuff to unlock. this is a definate buy for me . i sure do hope it comes out soon and for the 500 points i only have 500

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