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Preorder The Conduit at and get a freebie

Posted by Darren Calvert

Impress all your friends with The Conduit branded portable speakers

As if to make up for the two week slip with the European release date for The Conduit our pals at SEGA have teamed up with popular UK based etailor to offer FREE Portable Speakers to those who preorder the game.

It may not have escaped your notice that the speakers fold into a handy ball which looks much like the All Seeing Eye! Be the envy of all your friends as you listen to your iPod with these bad boys.

We’re not sure if any other European retailers will be offering this to those who preorder yet, if you spot anything but sure to let us know in the comments section below.

The Conduit comes out finally on the 10th July in Europe.



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Sean_Aaron said:

It appears to be exclusive to (at least according to them). I don't see the need to cancel my GAME pre-order for those -- they aren't battery-operated and from past experience passive loudspeakers really really suck.



itsmoirob said:

And you get a new skin for multiplayer and the ASE.
Not seen anything like that on the continent but I have my pre-order booked at already.



Wiiloveit said:

As if to make up for the two week slip with the European release date for The Conduit
These have been part of the pre-order deal for aaaages now, way before the delay.



Machu said:

I'm still waiting for the damn speakers I pre-ordered, and that game that comes free with 'em.



Wiiloveit said:

@Dazza: Hey hey hey hey hey: don't try to pin the blame on somebody else. You posted it, so you need to take responsibility for this one



Dazza said:

@Wiiloveit - You're right, I have to hold my hands up to this oversight. I've brought shame on Nintendo Life! hehe



itsmoirob said:

@Sean_Aaron Ah, I did not realise that. Just had another look and seen it comes with a bit more. I thought the unlockable stuff was a pre-order thing not a special edition thing. My bad.



Sean_Aaron said:

It's just some codes. I think some spoiler-prone kid has posted them in a thread in our own forums -- the shame of it!

I do like the slipcover and the artbook/guide though.



Pawtrick said:

This game is a joke, I would only recommend renting it (if at all). I am still hopeful that Red Steel 2 will be a good shooter for the Wii.



timp29 said:

Is corbie or any of nintendo life's american connections going to have a conduit review out soon?



CanisWolfred said:

Damn, why didn't they have this bonus when it was coming out in NA? All we got was a lousy cover.



KrazyKain said:

well I already pre-orderd from GAME, i'd have loved those speakers even if only because they are shaped like an ASE



MickEiA said:

It is getting mixed reviews saying the Al was terrible and it's too bland of a shooter just shooting in corridor after corridor i'll still get it but my Quantum of Solace is the best game



Pablo17 said:

This is a good game, just not as good as I had hoped. There are a lot of online issues right now.



rustythekid said:

@ MickEiA
quake was shooting in corridors after corridors and it was awesome! I can deal with it.... I guess the multiplayer is where the fun is at.



CanisWolfred said:

I love shooting in corridors, so no problem here. And terrible AI just means an easier run-through for me, so again, no problem. I think I'll actually like this one.

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