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Is Super Monkey Ball about to step onto your Balance Board?

Posted by James Newton

New trademark application in the US suggests so.

There are some combinations in the world that just seem natural: fish and chips, ham and eggs, plumbers and magical kingdoms. Chief amongst all these blessed unions is that of monkeys and balls, but even that holiest of pairings could get even better if the newly-uncovered trademark application for "Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll" lives up to its name.

Although nothing is known about the game other than its title, you can bet your GonGon on it being a Wii title including Balance Board support in some way. Whether or not we'll see a fully board-controlled game or simply a standard Monkey Ball adventure with Balance Board minigames is uncertain, but let's face it, either way would result in gaming gold.

We'll have more on Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll as we discover more about this potentially heart attack-inducing title.


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I love the balance board! But you often find yourself choosing the remote because its far more precise; if you have the choice that is.

I'd get "Touch and Roll" for the laugh alone.

EDIT: Where has Corbie's comment #1 gone?!



Damo said:

I think I should point out for some of our 'slower' readers that the photo used is actually an entirely unrelated child's toy, that just happens have the amusing (and apt) name of Monkey Balance Board.



Terra said:

About time we saw a new game, it's been ages since Banana Blitz. Here's to hoping they don't screw up the controls with the balance board.



Corbs said:

I'm taking bets as to how many people in this topic will think that this Monkey Balance Board is really a Super Monkey Ball peripheral.



James said:

"Look at me! I'm balancing!"

I could look at that photo all day.



Terra said:

If people don't read the previous comments, I'd say 5 at the least



Machu said:

I love the board, but for both Shaun White and Skate it, I ended up sitting on my ass, in search of more precision. MonkeyBall would be the perfect excuse to dust it off again, and it would rock!
I loved the previous MB but using the wii-mote never quite felt as tight as the analogue did. Using the balance board, to balance, would be perfect!




I think I'd prefer a Monkey Ball with WiiMotionPlus tbh. Or even a "Play it on Wii" Super Monkey Ball 2 with WiiMotionPlus!



warioswoods said:

Man, that monkey balance board looks great. The devs should seriously take a close look at that. It would feel so much more natural for the Monkey Ball gameplay than the flat balance board. Maybe they can just give you a bowl to attach underneath it, but of course the balance board wouldn't calibrate properly

Or I suppose I could just buy one of those toys and carve out a slot for the Wii remote, and play some 'nana blitz... but how would I jump? More importantly, how would I retain any modicum of dignity?



Noire said:

I fell for the picture at the first quick glance, but when I actually looked at, I realized what it was, and then I chuckled.

A new Super Monkey Ball would be great, but I don't have a Balance Board, so hopefully it won't be mandatory.



Stevie said:

It sayes Alex above that kids head, it couldn't be Alexsays having fun could it??




Chatham said:

Someone should say "pic unrelated" the pic for the article is literally a child's toy.

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