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Retro Game Challenge Sequel Localization Looking Dire

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Sales not up to snuff for XSEED

Things just ain't what they used to be for niche-localizer XSeed. First they lose the gorgeous Muramasa: The Demon Blade to publisher Ignition due to financial woes, and now another promising gem is stripped from them.

Yes, Virginia, Retro Game Challenge 2 for DS (Game Center CX 2 as it's known in the motherland) probably won't be localized for the US. The 16-bit sequel, complete with sequels to RGC1 games, an RPG and two text adventures, is hampered by crap sales.

Said Ken Berry of XSEED:

We're getting by, but not doing as well as we'd like. Retro Game Challenge started off well but still hasn't gotten to the point where we can justify bringing over the sequel. It's amazing how many people write to thank us for publishing that game, so perhaps as those enthusiast fans continue to spread the word we will get to where we need to be eventually.

You heard the man. Spread the word!


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xesbeth said:

Europeans will never get any of those jewels, so you're enough lucky to have at least the first RGC.



Dawnclaude said:

Oh no, i love part 1. Great idea with special quests in old games.
Hmm there are text adventures in the game? That could be hard with localisation



SwerdMurd said:


Seriously, one of the most genius IPs to come out in recent memory. The overall polish of these games seriously makes you think the developers grew up in a bizarro-80s and brought an 8-pack of classics with them. Who wants to start up a localization company?

If this game would have sold for 19.99 it would have flown....also, releasing individual RGC/RGC2 games on DSiWare could be a profitable business model. Seriously really deserve this game (first one). No idea why you guys get so consistently screwed by's not like there's no interest over there or anything!



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

xesbeth, Europeans can at least import NA copies of this game, killing two birds with one stone:

1. You get a localized copy of the game (in English, anyway, for whatever that's worth, but since you're posting here in English I assume that's OK).
2. You boost sales of this poor little feller for XSeed.



Mr_Saturn said:

Retro Game Challenge is money. I've been pushing it on some of my friends and they all love it. The problem seems to be that most people just don't know about it.



Starwolf_UK said:

Europeans will never get any of those jewels, so you're enough lucky to have at least the first RGC.
That is due to Namco seeming not to get Europe. Of course Xseed are the ones that get hurt in this crossfire. If Namco weren't like "oh Euorpe doesn't want it becuase they 'won't get it' as they were into home computers in the 80s" Xseed would be able to sell their English translaiton to a European publisher.

As for importing. Sadly, my US importer of choice seems to charge a lot more for shipping than they used to. Coupled with a crappy currency and gulit trip pile of at least 20 unplayed games and I'm in no position to buy...



WolfRamHeart said:

This is really sad news. Retro Game Challenge is a really great game but unfortunately people just aren't buying it. Why is that? I hope there is still a chance to turn this around but for now it seems that we will never get the chance to play the sequel. I feel really bad for XSEED. They seem like a good company. Like Atlus they're bringing out those cool niche-titles like Little King Story and Arc Rise Fantasia. We need more companies like this to succeed! I will continue to do my part to support XSEED; I hope others will too!



AVahne said:

sigh,well if they need a publisher maybe SEGA can step in,since after all SEGA is almost becoming the new RARE for Nintendo



Objection said:

As soon as I start my new job (in the next month) I'll probably grab a copy of this. SO I hope they get enough revenue to reevalutate the sequel.



Stuffgamer1 said:

The sequel is 16-bit? And it's probably not coming to NA?

Sorry, I know that's a bit melodramatic. Still, I really liked RGC1, and if the sequel is 16-bit, I guarantee I'd LOVE it a million times more! This may sound strange, but I don't remember the last time (if it ever happened) that a news post around here made me feel this sad. Mad, sure, or at least annoyed, but not usually sad like this!

Okay, so I'm also mad at all the people who outright chose not to buy the first one. And at Gamestop for NEVER putting it in the New Release section where it might get more notice (at least not the store I work at, where it's always a manager who decides what to put in that section and not me). My old store manager bought a copy, but he's the only person besides myself I know who did.

Leaves keyboard, returning a few minutes later

There, I just convinced my brother to buy a copy. He'd been considering it for a while, but the urgency of this situation pulled him over. I only hope it helps...



Big_A2 said:

I wish I could spreed the word about this game and buy copies for all my firends, but I live in Australia, so I can't.

However, bringing the Game Centre CX show over to America would certianly increase sales.



jackaroo said:

This is sad news indeed. If I could I would force everyone who owns a DS to buy the first game. The first game was fantastic IMO. I was looking forward to the sequel and I hope there is at least some slight possibility that we will someday recieve it.

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