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East Meets West In Red Steel 2

Posted by Brody Olimar

Details on the newly emerged action title begin to spill...

Although Wii launch title Red Steel received a mixed response from the critics, its sequel is deep in the works and presents more than a little promise. The motion sensitive Wii Remote seems an uncanny representative for both shooting and sword fighting games, and Red Steel 2 promises to deliver both in full force. The original attempted the same of course, but according to the latest details, Red Steel 2 is set to support Nintendo's new MotionPlus add-on, a much-needed addition to a scheme that revolves heavily on precision.

Set in the wild west (apparently), Red Steel 2 is sure to turn heads with a strange combination of gun and swordplay. Still, any self-respecting gamer is sure to be intrigued, at the very least. Details at this point remain very sparse, but with a Holiday 09 date slapped on it, you can expect to hear more from this game before long.


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WolfRamHeart said:

I will remain skeptical until either I read the article in Nintendo Power or finally see some actual screenshots for this game! Hopefully I will like what I see because I really like the new art style for this game! Cowboys with swords and motionplus support is very encouraging though! I hope they don't screw this up because Nintendo needs all the 3rd party support they can get!



Objection said:

I'll remain cautiously optimistic. However, if The Conduit disapppoints, there's no way in my mind that this would be better.



Adam said:

I expect greatness. Red Steel was awesome aside from the controls. The levels were cool (especially the fun house one) the idea of mixing guns and swords was cool, and the focus on local multiplayer made it feel like I was playing Perfect Dark again (well, except that I couldn't turn around easily ). Of course, I can't imagine Ubisoft skipping online this time, but I hope they do both.



Olimar_91 said:


Ubi confirmed that there would be no mutliplayer, this is just a single player game. So I assume that means no online.



Terra said:

Interesting, i reckon this could be quite good. I just hope Ubisoft have learned from the first game and fixed those mistakes.



The_Indigo_Effect said:

Admittedly, the first Red Steel had some glaring design flaws that really hurt it overall. However, there was one level in that game that simply blew me away; it reminded me of Arcade's "Murderworld" ala Marvel comics. To this day, it is the single-most original/engrossing level I have ever seen in any fps, and I play all the big name console shooters, as well as, the lesser-known titles like the Time Splitters series. "Murderworld" is essentially a carefully constructed carnival of terrors filled with numerous perils, traps, and enemies, which was designed for the sole purpose of killing its captives.



Kid_A said:

I got my Nintendo Power today. Red Steel 2 is looking VERY promising. I'm not sold on the whole "wild west" thing, but I do love the new visual style and NP seemed really blown away by the swordplay. Another cool thing is that, unlike the first RS, you can use the sword whenever you want.

As one of the 7 people that actually really liked Red Steel, consider me optimistic.



Sean_Aaron said:

This game is the only thing that can sell me motionplus so far (unless Sports Resorts has some more compelling sports to reveal).

Hopefully this will turn out well!



Spoony_Bard said:

Would you use two Wiimotes at the same time? One for the gun and one for the sword? That would be sweet!



Modern_Legend said:

THIS BETTER HAVE LOCAL MULTIPLAYER LIKE THE LAST ONE!!!! Man, i know people here prolly think i have a serious problem cuz ive been posting bout local multiplayer on every shooter, but seriously, local is an asset to me cuz i actually wanna play with visitors at the same time in my house on my console. Maybe its just me, but i miss the goldeneye type of multiplayer

also @Spoonybard
How wud u be able to move if u had wii motes in both hands??, u still need a nunchuk...

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