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The OFLC Rates Even More Games

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Yes, the OFLC has rated yet another batch of VC games today!

The least surprising of the bunch is Fantasy Zone II. It was already released in Japan in January, so a release elsewhere was to be expected any time, really!

That's not all for the Master System though - Secret Command (Which Japan has had since June last year!) and the first Shinobi are also on the way. All three of these games are quite good, so you can look forward to their release!

The OFLC has also rated yet another import game - That means there's now 8 of them lined up for release in PAL regions! Come on Nintendo, hold another Hanabi Festival already! As expected it's Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen, which was recently released in the US.

The OFLC has also rated three WiiWare games which we already knew were coming - Adventure Island: The Beginning, Art Style: Azurio and Art Style: D-Code.

Source: The OFLC

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SlyRax said:

first one? not really? i'm looking forward to ogre battle. sure download!



slangman said:

YES. Finally Ogre Battle. I was worried it would become a NA exclusive. Those other games look cool too. Hopefully no more dire weeks for PAL for a while.



Drake said:

Well obviously we can't have the "real" first Shinobi (The arcade game), but this is meant to be a port of it.



Bass_X0 said:

I doubt America will get Rambo - likely they'll get an import of Secret Command.



touffeboy said:

Good News! but 3 Master System games? And america already haved Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen!



Bass_X0 said:

Yeah. OFLC rates games to be released in Europe. We're getting it soon too.



Adamant said:

"The OFLC has also rated yet another import game - That means there's now 8 of them lined up for release in PAL regions!"

No, there's 9.

Bomberman '94
Detana!! TwinBee
Kirby's Dream Land 3
Ogre Battle
Smash Ping Pong
Zoda's Revenge: Star Tropics 2

Which one did you miss?



timp29 said:

Its exciting that a hanabi festival is lined up, but I hope they can sneak some games through that aren't on that list.



slangman said:

@ Adamant 8 games are rated for PAL VC. All we need is Detana!! TwinBee to be rated for all 9 to come. Hurry up Nintendo



AUnkownFuture said:

im happy that shinobi came but i already have the game on the master system so i wont be getting it on the VC



Ratengo said:

The OFLC has also rated a mahjong game called Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye (ealier released on SNES and Mega Drive). However, I'm unsure if it's a VC title or not. And... can anyone tell me when Super Turrican 2 was released in Europe? I can't find any date...! Thanks in advance.


I think the TwinBee rating is a mistake by OFLC. The game was rated on the same day as Bomberman '94 so I suppose that the PAL region will get Detana!! TwinBee instead of the Famicom game.



slangman said:

I am not sure myself if the Twinbee OFLC rating is the same as the PC-Engine version.

And as for Super Turrican 2 I have no idea when it was released, all I know is that it was released in europe.



Drake said:

@ Ratengo: Shanghai II is published by Activision Blizzard according to the OFLC - It's probably a reissue of the PC version?



Ratengo said:


You're probably right. Activision has not published any game on the VC yet (North America's VC is still waiting vainly for the company's Super Pitfall).



Adamant said:

"The OFLC has also rated a mahjong game called Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye"

It's a Shanghai game. That's why it says Shanghai in the title.

Also, it's probably the Mega Drive version, since that one was actually developed by Activision.



Ratengo said:

"It's a Shanghai game."

Yes, but I don't think many people know directly what kind of game Shanghai is and according to Wikipedia it's a mahjong solitaire ("... that uses a set of Mahjong tiles rather than cards").



Adamant said:

"Shanghai" and "Mahjong Solitaire" are different names for the same game. It's just that no one ever actually use the latter (and way too many people call it "Mahjong", which is a completely different game).

Plus, "Shanghai" is shorter and easier to both say and write.



Lotice-Paladin said:

Three Master System games rated at once! Wow! Great news!

I wonder what the original Shinobi's like? I only played "Revenge of Shinobi" at an old friend's out when I was younger.

Can't wait for these!



Bass_X0 said:

And as for Super Turrican 2 I have no idea when it was released, all I know is that it was released in europe.

I don't believe it was originally released here actually. But if I happen to be wrong, I'm wrong.



Drake said:

Actually, at first I thought Super Turrican 2 wasn't released here either, but a while ago I finally saw a European copy on eBay, so it actually came out here.

The problem now however is that Factor 5 is pretty much bankrupt, so they might not be able to get it out.



Kelvin said:

The Master System Shinobi is one of the better versions of the game, so it's good to see it arrive!



Ricardo91 said:

Man, Europe's got some good games coming down the pike! Can't wait for Shinobi and FZII to reach America, and Secret Command looks pretty cool as well!



MickEiA said:

im fairly new to VC 2 months but what is Hanabi Festival and what does OFLC stand for



Bass_X0 said:

Hanabi Festival is where Europe and Australia get import games we wouldn't normally get. Usually we only get what was released in our countries originally. We have to wait for a special event which lasts a few weeks and takes place twice a year. Americans don't have this event and imports are released rarely and without too much of a fuss.

I finally saw a European copy on eBay, so it actually came out here.

I ranted at the U.K. Official Nintendo Magazine for reviewing Super Turrican 2 which I completely believed to be an import game when there was no Hanabi Festival around at the time. I guess I should apologise but I can't really be bothered. They still reviewed it way too early though. They went through a patch of doing that and guessing when games would be released on the VC based on when they were released in America - they assumed soon after which is clearly not the case. Their excuse was that they were told the game would be coming out but it got delayed. They also scored Onslaught the same score as Sonic Chaos - 78%...



Winter said:

Ogre Battle!!!! Yes!!!! Finally a game I want, together with Star Tropics 2, Kirby`sDreamland 3 and possibly MUSHA. But I want Ogre Battle the most!



Captain_Konami said:

I'm glad to see EU is slated to get some Ogre Battle love. It's one of the really good games and deserves to be available to everyone.

And then even a Shinobi I sighting to boot........well done EU. It also gives hope to us NA folks who, like Sharecrow put it, owe it a little payback. That game carved me up back in the day, but in a fun though obnoxious way. And thank GOODNESS it's the Master System port, which is about as close as the VC'll get to the arcade version (at least the Master System Shinobi got close to the arcade version of itself than the NES Ninja Gaiden did to it's arcade version).

And oh yes, Shinobi was Ninja Gaiden before there was Ninja Gaiden..... it's indeed the classic old school franchise for ninja action.

@ 4. Bass X0: "I doubt America will get Rambo - likely they'll get an import of Secret Command."

THAT is a terrible thing to say........... although it indeed has a ring of likelihood to it.

Though I would be mildly disappointed if the NES Rambo never made it to us, I'll have to don a camo bandanna if Nintendo fails to get the C64's Rambo First Blood Part II to us........ I'd be forced to sneak up and garrote NOA with my NES controller cord!!!



brooks83 said:

I posted this on the game profile too, but I'm hoping that Sega will try and get the Rambo license for Secret Command. I would rather pay 600 points to get to play the Rambo version and to reward Sega for their troubles instead of paying 600 for an import version of Secret Command, where Sega basically did nothing but drop it onto the NA Wii Shop.

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