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Arc Rise Fantasia – Now with 100% Less Underboob

Posted by Damien McFerran

Marvelous covers up its latest RPG

Since seeing it in action, we’ve been keeping a keen eye on Marvelous Interactive’s upcoming Wii RPG Arc Rise Fantasia. With the talents of director Hiroyuki Kanemaru and composer Yasunori Mitsuda, this Wii-exclusive title is shaping up to be a fine role-player.

However, putting the impressive staff roster aside for one moment, we have to admit that one of the reasons (or should that be two?) we’ve taken such a shine to this particular game is the ‘assets’ of female character Lesley.

Early screenshots have shown her to be a woman that holds little value in restrictive items of clothing, as you can see:


However, the game has recently been rated CERO-A in its native Japan, which essentially means it’s suitable for everyone. And you know what that means – that underboob has to go.

Here’s the new (and only slightly more modestly dressed) Lesley:


While it’s hardly as if she’s dressed like a nun, we’re somewhat sad to see those gravity-defying orbs shackled in such a manner, but at least there’s less chance of ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ during those intense combat sequences.


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Razoredge17 said:

At least we still have under-cleavage... but it's still not the same. I like the original version better.



Nintendophile said:

BOO! Under-boob is my favorite kind of partial-boob. Next would be side-boob. But it looks like we're getting neither!



MarkyVigoroth said:

I actually prefer the latter one, though I still want more clothing on her!

In fact, I am tired of seeing half-naked women in RPGs and just about any game!

Bby the way, that is not 100%, but more like 90%.



Viral said:

I think that games shouldn't be censored at all. It blocks a developer's creative flow.



Stevie said:

(Advanced apologies) ...I guess they didn't want any trousers to Rise to a Arc.....

Anyway, knowing EU censors (No more heroes anybody?), she will be wearing a poncho by the time it reaches our shores



snake128 said:

come on are you guys serious. boob in a game thats sad and I like the new look it make her look like less of a slut and I the first one is unnecessary and the developers are pervs and nero thats just real sad enjoy the game for the fun not the fake boobs



Yami_Bakura said:

Guys, he probably wasn't serious anyway.

Learn to get a sense of humor.

and lol @ thinking the developers are pervs. Please.



Ricardo91 said:

@17 & 18. I was joking, and I'm sure everyone else here was too.

@18. There's these things called "periods" and "commas". You should use 'em sometime.



motang said:

Dammit...she was approached by the fashion police who told her to cover up a bit more.

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