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Arc Rise Fantasia delivers a traditional Japanese RPG experience unlike anything currently available on the Nintendo Wii.

The game features everything fans of the JRPG genre want out of a classic gaming experience. As the mercenary L’Arc, players must gather friends and allies to defend the peaceful Meridian Empire from a mysterious enemy. But what starts as a struggle to save an empire quickly unravels into a desperate fight to save the face of the planet. Filled with memorable characters, pulse-pounding combat and a sweeping storyline, Arc Rise Fantasia distills more than a decade of gaming tradition into one unforgettable journey.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

A bit too typical for its own good

To say that the Wii has been a bit lacking in the role-playing game department would be a gross understatement. Not only have there been very few releases for the genre, the few we have seen haven't exactly offered much to get excited about. With Arc Rise...

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News: Arc Rise Fantasia's NA Release Rolls Back to July

Arc Rise Fantasia's NA Release Rolls Back to July

Seems to be the last of the delays though

Following on the last update we posted on the turn-based game, it seems the JRPG Arc Rise Fantasia's North American release has slipped back by about a month. The game has now gone gold and will be released on July 27. For more information on this title, check out the latest press release below: Experience...

News: Japan to Get Wii Budget Range

Japan to Get Wii Budget Range

Rest of the world left waiting

Nintendo of Japan have finally introduced the "Minna no Osusume Collection" (or, for us English-speaking folk, the "Everyone's Recommendation Collection"), a range of re-released Wii titles to combat the 360 Classics and PS3 Platinum range. Titles with high user rankings from the Japanese Nintendo Channel seem to be the way Nintendo are going about..

News: Arc Rise Fantasia Coming to Wii Summer 2010

Arc Rise Fantasia Coming to Wii Summer 2010

Check out the details on the upcoming Wii RPG exclusive.

Ignition Entertainment and Marvelous Entertainment have just announced that they'll be bringing the hit Japanese RPG Arc Rise Fantasia to US gamers sometime in summer 2010. The game has already garnered much praise at this year's E3 Expo and looks to be a great turn-based RPG addition to the...

News: New Arc Rise Fantasia Screenshots

New Arc Rise Fantasia Screenshots

New batch of screenshots show the upcoming Wii RPG in action.

We just got some Arc Rise Fantasia screenshots of the upcoming Wii RPG from Marvelous Entertainment. The game is a traditional turn-based RPG that features a three member party that all fight in conjunction with each other and share the same AP gauge during battle. This team battle concept is one of the many unique features being touted..

News: Arc Rise Fantasia – Now with 100% Less Underboob

Arc Rise Fantasia – Now with 100% Less Underboob

Marvelous covers up its latest RPG

Since seeing it in action, we’ve been keeping a keen eye on Marvelous Interactive’s upcoming Wii RPG Arc Rise Fantasia. With the talents of director Hiroyuki Kanemaru and composer Yasunori Mitsuda, this Wii-exclusive title is shaping up to be a fine role-player. However, putting the impressive staff roster aside for one moment, we have to admit that one of the..

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Marvelousmoo said:

This looks really good! Lets hope this game isn't made for little kids like a lot of Wii games now.



CanisWolfred said:

Do we even know anything about this game? I know I don't. I'm not getting my hopes up until we get some solid info.



kirgy said:

well, based on the pictures, im thinking its something like tales of symphonia, maybe even better

and if you dont know what that is look it up



Draaknar said:

Looks promising, and I have yet to be disappointed by Marvelous Interactive.



zionich said:

Just got done watching the video to this on the Nintendo Channel, looking forward to it.



pixelman said:

It'll be out on the 27th of July. I'll probably buy it eventually - definitely not day one though.



jaygo12345 said:

good game boring story lagging in the fact it drags out and makes me put it down more than want to play it to be honest I have not turned it back on since I got to the island ware you find the little people in the mushroom city just it got boring....

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