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Arc Rise Fantasia delivers a traditional Japanese RPG experience unlike anything currently available on the Nintendo Wii.

The game features everything fans of the JRPG genre want out of a classic gaming experience. As the mercenary L’Arc, players must gather friends and allies to defend the peaceful Meridian Empire from a mysterious enemy. But what starts as a struggle to save an empire quickly unravels into a desperate fight to save the face of the planet. Filled with memorable characters, pulse-pounding combat and a sweeping storyline, Arc Rise Fantasia distills more than a decade of gaming tradition into one unforgettable journey.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

A bit too typical for its own good

To say that the Wii has been a bit lacking in the role-playing game department would be a gross understatement. Not only have there been very few releases for the genre, the few we have seen haven't exactly offered much to get excited about. With Arc Rise...

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Marvelousmoo said:

This looks really good! Lets hope this game isn't made for little kids like a lot of Wii games now.



CanisWolfred said:

Do we even know anything about this game? I know I don't. I'm not getting my hopes up until we get some solid info.



kirgy said:

well, based on the pictures, im thinking its something like tales of symphonia, maybe even better :D

and if you dont know what that is look it up :P



Draaknar said:

Looks promising, and I have yet to be disappointed by Marvelous Interactive.



zionich said:

Just got done watching the video to this on the Nintendo Channel, looking forward to it.



pixelman said:

It'll be out on the 27th of July. I'll probably buy it eventually - definitely not day one though.



jaygo12345 said:

good game boring story lagging in the fact it drags out and makes me put it down more than want to play it to be honest I have not turned it back on since I got to the island ware you find the little people in the mushroom city just it got boring....

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