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Nintendo DSi European Launch: April 3rd

Posted by Darren Calvert

Following the news that North America will be getting the spanking new Nintendo DSi on April 5th many Europeans will have felt a slight twinge of jealousy.

After all we usually get the good stuff late from the big N don’t we? Fear not, for a date has now been set and it’s two days earlier than North America! Unfortunately preorders are being taken in the UK for £149.99 (€170 / $215USD) for the basic console pack! This is about 50% more expensive than the regular DS Lite and with 100% less GBA slot!

Despite that small quibble we’ll be all over it in April for the lovely DSiWare goodness that is coming our way. More from the press release:

Download Nintendo DSiWare and customise your Nintendo DSi with a whole host of new titles and applications...

You can customise your Nintendo DSi by downloading games and applications from the Nintendo DSi Shop, in addition to being able to carry around your Nintendo DSi with your very own unique photos & music files. A variety of fun software will be available for download in the forthcoming months. Examples include an application which enables users to make animated cartoons or combine photos to create mini-movies (incorporating both sound and moving images); or the fun-filled WarioWare software which utilises the motion-detecting camera for a completely interactive experience. Users will also be able to download the Nintendo DSi Browser for free from launch, offering quick and easy Internet access from their Nintendo DSi.

All of this and more can be downloaded directly from the Nintendo DSi Shop via the Internet, and thanks to the Nintendo DSi’s built-in flash memory these can be saved directly onto your console, meaning you can take all of your games and other applications with you wherever you go.

We’ll be extending the reach of WiiWare World and covering DSiWare as soon as it launches with a full set of reviews. I bet you can hardly wait!

Will you be tempted to buy a DSi for yourself on the launch day?

Source: Nintendo UK

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Mik said:

1st Comment! And I'll be lining up on Launch Night for this machine... I'm so excited!



Chrono_Cross said:

DSi looks great in all but I wont be buying anytime soon.
The downloadable games will be cheap and gimmicky.

darn it, you beat me to the first comment! sigh



Mik said:

Looks I like beat you to it xD

A few of my friends have been saying how this console is gimmicky, but I disagree. It's a step forward in the right direction, IMO.



blackknight77 said:

I actually just bought a DS , so I won't be getting a DSi. It looks nice and all but I am happy with the regular DS.

The downloadable games look good though. Its cool they get new Art Style games too.



tootie_kicks said:

Australia gets it a day earlier (April 2nd), but gets a slighty better price than Europe (AU$299, US$193.61).

But considering this is $100 more than a DS Lite, and the same price as a Xbox 360 Arcade, it's still completely crap.

EDIT: Dammit! Someone caught my typo!



Mik said:

Xbox 260 eh? I shall be investigating that!

Edit: Great save there with the edit ;D



MarkyVigoroth said:

This is not new. WarioWare: Smooth Moves was released in Europe before the U.S/Latin America.



Kawaiipikachu said:

@Tootie Kicks .
I know the DSI it only a stopgap for the DS tru successor its only got half the features that the DS's true successor have .



jangonov said:

The only thing I don't like about the DSi is that it only plays AAC audio. Looks like Im going to have to go onto Cnet and download a converter for ALL my music.

EDIT: or I could just use my PSP for music...



Terra said:

Funny thing that date. It's a bit more than i expected, although I'd still buy it, although it could potentially be given to me as a gift as April 3rd is my birthday. Seeing that my original DS model finally broke after 4 years, it's all the more likely. I'm not just gonna assume that though, so I'll start saving the pennies.



Dazza said:

@Bahamut ZERO - DSiWare on Wiiware-World........ Akward......

Don't worry we have plans for all this, it doesn't involve a new site however!



Tides_of_Chaos said:

@15 As I was reading Dazza's comment at 12, I was thinking the exact same thing. Although, those aren't nearly as catchy as the name Wiiware-World



antdickens said:

@Wiiloveit, @Versus22: Like Dazza said, we do have plans on how to handle this, I think we've finalised how our coverage is going to work, but we need to do some work before showing everyone



Wiiloveit said:

One DS lite (black) with rumble pak, Guitar Hero On Tour (with Guitar Grip Controller) and Guitar Hero On Tour Decades.
(quietly sobs to self)

@Anthony: Thanks for that, and I can't wait to see what you've got in store!



ness said:

@ "This is about 50% more expensive than the regular DS Lite"

In Germany the DSLite costs 150€, so the DSi will be "just" 13% more expensive.



mojo25 said:

Wow, I kinda want this...Or I could just get a DSLite, since I don't have it. or not get either and save uP FoR MONSTER HUNTER 3!!!!



Wiiloveit said:

I suppose that the 50% difference is a bit much - but we've not other option and people are going to buy it anyway, so what's the point in complaining? If it was £130 or £140 though, that would seem much more reasonable, although obviously Nintendo want to make sure that there is still a good difference between the DSi and the DS lite's pricing to ensure that both models still sell.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@pHat: Wait.... You work on the WWW staff. Never would have guessed. You mods really should have like a little symbol that says your a mod. Otherwise I might acidently make a non 7/10- related joke to a mod not named Corbie

@Tides of Chaos: Agreed. WWW is catchy, plus its easier to abriviated. I mean I have to actually move my hands to put in VCR (wow. Just noticed that spelled VCR. Those things were thebest). What a pain



Wiiloveit said:

@Bahamut ZERO: most of the people that work on the 'site are listed here, although there's still a few reviewers they haven't mentioned yet.
Oh, and I find that it's actually quicker to type VCR than WWW for some reason. Maybe my left hand just isn't that fast on its own

@Tootie_kicks: "But considering this is $100 more than a DS Lite, and the same price as a Xbox 360 Arcade, it's still completely crap."
Here, it's £20 more than an arcade



EJD said:

The price is a big consideration, I'll have to wait to see if the features are worth forking out for and if DSiWare is something I'll regularly buy.



Starwolf_UK said:

You've got to bear in mind how the price is set.

Step 1. Take us price and convert it to Euros using $=€ (the good news is the € already has tax added unlike the $ price which depnds on state to state so can't be in RRP)
Step 2. Take Euro price and convert it to pounds using a current-ish exchange rate. Say, 1€=0.9£. 170*0.9=153.

Its step 2 that causes the issue since only recently did the pound tank compared to the Euro*. The greatest thing is when the 1€=0.7£ it'll still be £150...
*-Its also why new Wii games creeped up to £40 and the so-called "budget" New Play Control series is an absurd £30.

Oh yeah, I'm passing on it. I really want the DSi Ware games but I have no interest in the system and a feature set I find useless.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Wiiloveit: I only knwe that the people up to Spencer were on the staff. Thanks for the link. I
find WWW to type faster cause you press just one key 3 times



anthonyb said:

I agree with Tony (4th comment) - recently got a lite, so I'll pass on the DSi unless it somehow becomes the next best thing since sliced bread.



hal said:

@Toddr: lol exactly

@tootie_kicks: yeah! it's ridiculous.

*srry if hope is lost.. stuck in のびのびworld until [maybe] Nintendo becomes more or less.. um.. [..? lol] it's really not even the 'cost' that's the problem; the 'thought' seems so 'dry' now.. still like Nintendo, though! but, after all this time(since launch), seeing things like Geisai develop, or the results of Game/Net Yarouze [or, at least, the possibility of what can be done].. it's confusing lol they should be really pushing their potential.



StarDust4Ever said:

I have an old "clunky" style DS - preordered and got it on launch day. And I still love it! Unlike the painfully tiny DS Lite, my old DS fits my large hands perfectly!

Knowing the trend with Ninty handhelds, it will probably end up srhinking it again sort of like they did with the carpal-cramp-nightmare otherwise known as the GBA Micro.



Wiiloveit said:

Apparantly, Game is offering the DSi for £75 (half price) when you trade in another console/handheld, including DS lites! Add both my Guitar Hero's to that, and I've got me a DSi for under £50! F*** YEAH!!

Oh, wait. No Game near me any more. Sigh



Terra said:

Why bother though? You'd get much more value for your money by selling our consoles/handhelds on there own online instead of trading them in for £75 off a DSi. You'd get around £140 at least for selling a Wii 2nd hand Online including in it the basic essentials to make it work and Wii Sports. Nearly as much as the DSi itself.

Looking at Amazon UK and Play, the DS lite's are selling around £76-£95 used. You'd be better off just selling it online and contributing the money towards it than trading it in.



H_Hog said:

The L and R buttons don't work on my DS Lite anymore, and the warranty expired.... enough of an excuse to warrant getting a DSi, I guess. =P
Think I'll preorder it.



Wiiloveit said:

@Terranigma: I'll try selling it on PlayTrade and see if anyone's interested, but if I don't get any buyers, I'd still say that £75 for my lite isn't that bad - although after thinking about it, I couldn't definitely do better if I sold my Guitar Hero On Tour games rather than trade them in. Thanks for that idea

Latest DSi offers Free accessory pack containing a case, USB car charger (presumably meaning I can charge it whilst I'm on the computer), USB data cable, 2X stylus and a cleaning cloth console for just £146.80

Argos: Free accesory pack with pre-orders containing: soft case, game cartridge storage case, 2 DS stylus, stereo earphones, wrist strap, 12v car power adaptor, screen protector and applicator and soft cleaning cloth.



North99 said:

It's funny - because I almost bout a DS Lite this month. My brother originally bought me the regular DS for Christmas a few years ago, and I never could get into that itty bitty screen very much. But lately I've switched into a line of work that leaves me with idle time where a DS comes in handy, so I've pulled out mine. But there's a little glitch now in the screen, and I was thinking I should update to the Lite finally. Then I read about the DSi being released in a month and a half and it's an obvious choice now that I'll hold off, skip the Lite altogether, and go straight from DS to DSi. I am excited to pick this one up.

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