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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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H_Hog commented on Rumour: Project X Zone 2: Brave New World Head...:

I liked the original a lot, even though being a more "classic" Sega fan, I found their side of the character roster a tad lacking.
Namco and Capcom had a much more recognizeable "all-star" lineup.
If they do a new one, I'd love to see other 'legacy' Sega franchises get some representation, such as Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Shinobi, Shenmue, or heck, even Alex Kidd.



H_Hog commented on Review: KORG M01D (3DS eShop):

@PainiteGames MIDI is indeed a music file, though the files it produces aren't generally playable on an MP3 player. It can be exported and played on pretty much any PC though, chances are if you've used a computer at any point in the 90's you'll have heard MIDI music before, it was pretty much a staple in PC videogame background music.

As for the program itself, picked it up during the Christmas sale (that's still going as I write this!), the only thing that somewhat disappoints me is that it doesn't seem to have an option to import MIDI files.



H_Hog commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Facing Potential E...:

@Joruus_Cbaoth Brawl and Melee also had no real way of being patched even IF they needed it. If those games had been found to be faulty, they would have had to recall them entirely.
And unless Nintendo had considered it important enough to do so (which only happened in rare occurences), they simply wouldn't bother.



H_Hog commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Facing Potential E...:

@Joruus_Cbaoth Baiters gonna bait.
But hey, I'll nibble. It's a single (albeit potentially devastating) bug in an overall complete, well-polished and highly enjoyable game. How exactly do you consider Melee or Brawl better? (Content-wise I mean, not purely for the lack of having a potentially system-bricking bug.)
You also state that you have not yet bought this game, so I currently regard you as Francis.



H_Hog commented on Ten Games Discounted in European eShop Sale:

Silly Nintendo, selling games for 20% off on your Anniversary sale... Pullblox and Link's Awakening for €4,80? That's cool, now what am I gonna spend the remaining €0,20 on when everything else besides your OTHER anniversary sales are rounded to whole euro's?...oooooh Super Mario Land is €3,20... yeah, I see what you done there, Nintendo.



H_Hog commented on Bigger Nintendo 3DS Console Revealed:

I'm actually kind of relieved that 3DSXL will not have the second circle pad.
I guess it ensures that it's not meant to be a "standard" for the console, and as such, people won't be forced into using it for newer games.

....Yeah, I'm one of the people who never bothered with the Wii MotionPlus until Skyward Sword made it mandatory, that's right.



H_Hog commented on Mutant Mudds OST Tracks Now Available:

I'm firmly against getting myself a creditcard, so I'm kind of relieved the option to download it for $0 is there. I guess I'm okay with being put on a mailing list in exchange for that.



H_Hog commented on Sonic the Hedgehog is 20 Years Old Today:

@melechofsin 90's NES owners called, they want their opinion back.

You could, you know... actually TRY the games, maybe?
Here you are, complaining about Sonic and calling it lame, yet in the same sentence you say you barely even touched any of the games, going as far as saying you bought one "by mistake" without downloading it (How is that even possible? Did the colourful graphics throw you off and made you mistake it for a Kirby game or something?).

Sure, back in the day Nintendo and Sega owners feuded over Mario vs Sonic a lot. But nowadays, where Sega and Nintendo fans alike have seen each other's favourite series become much more widespread, both Mario and Sonic fanboys usually still agree that the original 16-bit Sonic games are some of the most solid, fun and exciting classic platformers around. Yet here you are, muttering about how "anyone could compare this to Mario".

But you know, you're right there, actually - Sonic doesn't compare to Mario at all, really. The gameplay styles, despite both being platformers, are wildly different.
Back in the day, Sonic and its first game were designed to compete with, not compare to Mario.
And sure, especially in recent years Mario games HAVE had a better track record, but it can't be denied that Sonic certainly had a decent share of quality gaming attached to his name, as well.

If you personally don't like the games, that's fair enough! But at least give something a chance before you start complaining. =P



H_Hog commented on Dig Into Cave Story 3DS on 28th June:

A sequel? I dunno, the first game wrapped up the story pretty thoroughly (if you managed to get the TRUE ending, at least).
Plus, Pixel would have to want to make one.



H_Hog commented on Monster World IV Coming to Virtual Console in ...:

Maybe they struck a deal with the guys at Demiforce and DeJap who did the Fan Translation? It's not unthinkable, and it's certainly not the first time that home-hackers have been asked to fix something for an official publisher.
MW IV is fairly heavy on text for an action platformer, and you're definitely gonna need to talk to people to get the story. Either that, or they actually managed to translate it themselves, in which case, kudos.



H_Hog commented on Alex Kidd in Miracle World:

RoyOfTheRovers: Might be a bit late reply, but yes, the continue code should work; I forgot what it was exactly, but it involved having a certain amont of in-game money, pressing and holding one of the corners on the D-pad while the game over music played (think it was down-right, could be wrong) and hammering the 2-button 8 times. I'm sure you can find it somewhere.



H_Hog commented on OFLC Rating for Shadow of the Ninja Sneaks In:

Oh man, my best friend and I used to play this game TO DEATH....
Think we eventually did manage to clear it, but it took absolute ages...

...Looking forward to see if we can pull it off again =]



H_Hog commented on Nintendo Download: 15 January 2010 (Europe):

....D'aaauugh! For some reason, overenthusiastic misinformation actually made me buy Phoenix Wright - somehow I had gotten the idea that this would be the "lost" cases that were only released on Japanese cellphones before now... Arrgh!
Well, that's a tenner down the crapper.



H_Hog commented on Pixel Customizes Wii Remotes:

Apocalypse makes me ashamed of my country.
Anyway... I seriously want the one on the left.... though I love the middle one as well =P
If I ever did play with any of these I would seriously use the "Remote-Condom" to protect the drawings.



H_Hog commented on Nintendo DSi European Launch: April 3rd:

The L and R buttons don't work on my DS Lite anymore, and the warranty expired.... enough of an excuse to warrant getting a DSi, I guess. =P
Think I'll preorder it.



H_Hog commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

You also cannot pick up any rings again when you get hit, which really makes the end of level boss battle much trickier.

It would, if there were rings in Boss Battle stages in the first place. A Shield, carried over from a previous level, is the only protection you might have in there.



H_Hog commented on Fantasy Zone:

I used to be pretty good at this game. Some of the bosses were just plain evil, though - especially the Snowmen Bosses on... I think level 4...



H_Hog commented on Alex Kidd in Miracle World:

@ Sam: Yeah, I used to take that spike maze all the time - thanks to my mom realizing you don't have to hit down or up to maneuver through it, I actually found it an easier route then the regular one XD



H_Hog commented on EU VC Update: Phantasy Star IV and Mega Man 3:


The reason no game past PS4 was part of the main story was because PS4 wrapped it up pretty thoroughly by not only defeating Dark Force, but also the entity RESPONSIBLE for Dark Force...




H_Hog commented on Ys Book I & II:

Fair enough, but the process of copying VC/WiiWare games over to and from an SD card is fairly lengthy and tedious, especially with the bigger games...



H_Hog commented on Toki Tori Coming To America On Monday!:

Much like Aardvark Soup, TT is my first and so far only WiiWare title as well, and I'm loving it. =)
It's already challenging the heck out of me, I'm currently stuck in one of the early Ghost House stages...



H_Hog commented on King's Knight:

Slionr: Don't expect Final Fantasy 6 to appear on VC until the GBA port stops selling. Chrono Trigger however, might have a chance...



H_Hog commented on Phantasy Star II:

You can choose which enemy to attack

Well, sort of. You can only choose which enemy type, but if there's more of one kind of enemy, you can't select which of them to attack.



H_Hog commented on Phantasy Star II:

Phantasy Star II broke my RPG cherry, and as such, it holds a special place for me as being responsible for turning me into an RPG-Gamer. I'll be the first to admit it hasn't aged as well as other games of its era, but it's definitely worth the time if you can live with the sparse character interaction. Seriously, the only characters who even remotely have any interaction with one another are Rolf and Nei, but due to the entirely optional nature of any of the other characters (you can seriously finish the game without obtaining ANY of them and still not miss any kind of story dialogue), apart from having the decency to introduce themselves upon entering your party, and some sparse profile data, they are only in your group to help you beat the living snot out of anything you encounter.
Nevertheless, the game itself is good enough to make you overlook that fact entirely. Part of its charm (at least, in MY case...) is that you start filling in the blanks by imagining personalities for the other characters in your party. The dungeons are menacing, and often borderline frustrating; if the monsters don't get you, the insane layouts will. The monsters themselves are fairly decently animated for their time (especially compared to games like Shining in the Darkness, Phantasy Star 1 and Final Fantasy), and some of their attacks are downright devious (some of them even clone themselves!).
I'm making this sound like it's a bloody terrible game, but seriously... give it a try. Get the feel of it. Before long, you'll find yourself compelled to keep going, if only because the story unravels itself in such a way that keeps you curious as to what will happen next.
The only reason I'm not buying this on Virtual Console is because I already own this game three times... XD
Once on original Megadrive (I even had the hint book, but I lost it...), once on the GBA collection, and once on a Dreamcast collection of classic games. Aheheh.

I can only hope that the completely remade Playstation 2 version will see an English-lingual release some day, since as far as I heard, that version manages to fill in the blanks rather nicely, and added some extra features that may seem fairly mundane and obvious to people who have grown more accustomed with today's JRPG's, but which the original painfully lacked.
Such as the ability to choose exactly which monster you attack - ouch. =P



H_Hog commented on Light Crusader:

"Give me the Mighty Power!"

There's only ONE reason I'm not buying this VC title; I still have the original cartridge.
I freaking love this game, despite the somewhat drab-looking dungeons. But once you get your mind cracking to those fiendish puzzles, you'll be grateful that the background has been kept fairly modest and undistracting.
The music is great, too.
Something I always found hilarious in this game is that you can push practically anything.
Seriously, play around with that. Easily amused as I was back then, pushing people around in the King's castle had me busy for ages. XD

The spell system's pretty neat, too. But hey, try it out. =D