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Diatomic Update

Posted by Corbie Dillard

The good folks at Grendel Games have just sent us an update on the progress of their upcoming WiiWare title Diatomic.

We've been informed that we can expect screenshots and in-game footage sometime next week. They go on to say that the official web site for the game will also launch within the next week or so that will contain quite a bit of information regarding how the game is played.

We'll keep you posted on any new developments on the game and we'll have a full review when the game hits the WiiWare service. You can also check out the cool game flyer Grendel sent us below.


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Popyman said:

That, is an epic picture! I hope the game is awesome just so I can get a poster of that! =P



Philip_J_Reed said:

Yes, that is some very good artwork. I hope the game plays well, because I really like the art style.

Are you guys getting an interview with them?



Dazza said:

Once we see the screenshots, of course an interview is on the cards



Dazza said:

Haha funny man, nothing moves as fast as the crazy world of Hudson



Philip_J_Reed said:

This site is amazing, you realize that? The interviews are phenomenal and you do a great job of ramping up excitement for the games that deserve it. You guys rock.



Objection said:

I like the art style. Hope the game turns out as interesting. Keep up the fast and well-done updates!



Corbs said:

You can't have too many "7" jokes, now can you. And I love the artwork as well. I'm getting more excited about this game every day. I can't wait to see the screenshots and game play video.



Tim_from_Grendel said:

Hello everybody here at WiiWare World. I'm one of the people working on "Diatomic" and we'd like to say thank you for appreciating the work that we send over. We're following the threads as good as we can, and enjoy reading what you think about and expect from our game. We'll be dropping some more detailed news during the following weeks!



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Corbie: 7/10 jokes never get old

@Tim from Grendal: Man, I love it when devs become members here. Maybe they'll listen to our suggestions.
So anyway Tim, how many different power-ups will there be (if any), and can you list some?



Popyman said:

@Tim from Grendel: Sweet, I love when the developers do this here!

You should so give whoever does the artwork, a huge raise =P



Neomega said:

@ TfG

You're awesome it's really heartwarming to hear from someone who's career I want to have one day!

Good luck to you and all future projects!

Popyman, if he gives the guy a raise we have to pay more!

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