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Fri 27th Feb 2009

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Tim_from_Grendel commented on Review: Diatomic (WiiWare):

Thanks to everybody here who offered constructive feedback on our title Diatomic. We are committed to delivering a great game experience. Some people have made it clear that they are having issues with the controls of our game, and we like to take this opportunity to communicate that we'll get back to them. In the mean time, we'd like to thank you for your support.



Tim_from_Grendel commented on Diatomic Update:

Hello everybody here at WiiWare World. I'm one of the people working on "Diatomic" and we'd like to say thank you for appreciating the work that we send over. We're following the threads as good as we can, and enjoy reading what you think about and expect from our game. We'll be dropping some more detailed news during the following weeks!