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Hudson Officially Announces Pop 'Em Drop 'Em Samegame

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Although we've known about Hudson's upcoming WiiWare title Pop 'Em Drop 'Em Samegame for several months now, we haven't had a lot of information on the title. Today Hudson has sent out the official press release for the game that gives out a few new tidbits of information and would lead us to believe that the game must be on its way to the North American and European WiiWare services soon.

Hudson also hinted to us that their upcoming Adventure Island WiiWare title is supposed to hit the service sometime in April 2009. We're currently trying to pry some more information out of them regarding the game and we'll post any new information and screenshots of the game as soon as they become available.

You can also check out the official Pop 'Em Drop 'Em Samegame web site for more information on the game.

Hudson Entertainment, the North American publishing arm for HUDSON SOFT, today announced that it will launch Pop ‘Em Drop ‘Em Samegame, a new puzzle game available for WiiWare™. Designed for casual players, the game is simple to play but hard to master and has multiplayer fun for up to four players.

Pop 'Em Drop 'Em Samegame features classic puzzle gameplay in which players match two or more colored blocks to clear them. As blocks are cleared, the remaining blocks will shift. If players are skilled enough, bonus points are awarded when all blocks are cleared. The game allows for play with up to four friends at home in three fast-paced multiplayer modes: Fame Game, Shame Game and Blame Game. Players can also customize the game by changing the block design and backgrounds.

The game features simple, easy to understand puzzle elements that casual gamers will love. It is easy and addictive to play but challenging to master. Players simply need to match two or more colored blocks and hit a button. It’s that easy! The challenge comes when players advance and try to maximize their score.

"Pop 'Em Drop 'Em Samegame is the most accessible casual puzzle game available on WiiWare," said Sabine Duvall, Vice President of Product Development at Hudson Entertainment. "This game is for casual game fans who enjoy the simplicity and addictive fun of classic puzzle gameplay.”

Pop ‘Em Drop ‘Em Samegame is rated E for Everyone by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

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Ricardo91 said:


I love games in the style of Breakthru, but I can easily download a flash version of the game, so I'm not getting this. I am interested, however, in hearing about that Adventure Island sequel!



Wiiloveit said:

Here's hoping it won't be to hard to see all the tiny little things (here's lookin' at you, Brain Challenge)



Corbs said:

This is looking better and better the more I see it in action and read about it. Hudson has a pretty good track record, so here's hoping it turns out good. But deep down, I'm too excited about Adventure Island to think about much else.



Terra said:

Samegame's all well and good but i'm more interested in Adventure island. My birthday's in April, so that would go nicely around then



Objection said:

I really liked the old PC version so I plan to get this when it comes over here. I don't know what to think about A.I. so I'll wait until it's reviewed.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I saw a vid of it and it looked pretty good. If priced right, I'll be getting this. Hope multiplayer is fun!



Terra said:

It's 500 points, in Japan anyway. Hudson's recent trend of changing prices between regions make this uncertain, if Pit Crew Panic and Cue Sports/Pool Revolution are anything to go by, as Japan and America got Cue Sports for 500 and Europe for 800, and vice versa for Pit Crew Panic so who knows what it'll be.



mattnd2007 said:

Fun game, but i don't see me buying it. I'd rather just play it for free on the computer. I wouldn't play it long enough to warrant paying to play it.



blackknight77 said:

I'm still having fun with Alien Crush Returns, but I am still bitter about Hudson's lack of VC support.

"The puzzle game drought is over!"
LOL thats a good one



kitroplious said:

@Corbie - Hudson has a pretty good track record, so here's hoping it turns out good."

Hudson has an excellent record on WiiWare! None of their games have gone below 6.

I think Hudson basically (and Capcom for Mega Man 9, Square Enix for their titles) have saved WiiWare by putting in excellent hardcore games. If it wasn't for that, WiiWare would not be too much appealing to those type of people.



tatemon555 said:

This game looks pretty good... and a new Adventure Island? Hudson's treating WiiWare like it's their own console, and are giving us so many good games.



shadows262 said:

another puzzler for wiiware is a pass for me
wake me up when theres a variety on wiiware(will be prolly never)



Wiiloveit said:

@Shadows262: Hows about Animales, Cave Story, Eduardo the Samurai Toaster, Evasive Space, Equilibrio, LIT and Mart Racer. They all have a bit of variety.



shadows262 said:

All of those (but the last two) look freaking amazing and Im so siked for the releases.
And theres more like Evasive Space and Swords and Soldiers.



Twilight_Crow said:

No thank you, at first I thought: another puzzle, and it looks too simplistic for me, and then I read "is the most accessible casual puzzle game available on wiiware" , I'm already done with this puzzlemania of the developers, but now they want to make them as simple as they can, I like puzzle games, but honestly, repeating the same formula and making it even simpler, sure what a great and inovative idea .



Kaeobais said:

@17. megatron: Yeah, the storage space really is my only problem with the wii. I have, like, 81 blocks left and I'm taking it all up with Custom Brawl levels and brawl snapshots. I should go find out what my friend code is so I can post it somewhere around here, it'd be neat to have a brawl with someone from WWW or VCR ..... or have a Bomberman Blast battle



Wiiloveit said:

The easiest way to do that is via the VC-Revs forum, although I never go on there and instead use my YouTube account and whatnot. If you search around, you should find people on Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Bebo, Orkut etc.



Terra said:

Is there a facebook group for those who want to Brawl each other?



Wiiloveit said:

I don't know of a Facebook group, but then, I don't see the point in setting up groups with gamers I don't even know when I could play randomly anyway.



Terra said:

I suppose so but still. It's a big game, some people could have set one up.

Any luck in pressing about Adventure Island WWW Team?



Kaeobais said:

There is a group of people on GT who made a whole clan type thing of people who like Monster Hunter, so there is most likely a group of people somewhere (facebook or youtube are likely candidates) who made some sorta group for people who want to brawl on "with friends" mode with random people .... I'm gonna go make a brawl card.

Yeah, I really want to know more about the Adventure Island thing.



blackknight77 said:

@ Shadx
We have Smash tournaments with VC forum members all time. I joined in September and have played two already. You should join



Kaeobais said:

Kay, I joined the forums, got a smash card (doesn't let me level it up ) so yeah.



Objection said:

Getting back on topic for everyone's sake is this supposed to come out before Adventure Island (April)?



Kaeobais said:

AI comes out April? Which day? Cause mah birthday is on the 24 of april

Anyways, yeah, I'd like to know when this comes out.



blackknight77 said:

@ Beastman93
Go to VC and then click on forum
Most of the Smash stuff is under the Wii games link

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