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USA WiiWare Update: Strong Bad Ep 4 & Target Toss Pro: Bags

Posted by Damien McFerran

Strong Bad enters the world of Hollywood action movies this week with the release of Strong Bad Episode 4: Dangeresque 3 on the North American WiiWare service. As the title suggests this is the fourth entry in Telltale Games’ popular episodic adventure series and will set you back 1000 Wii Points. By all accounts, this is one of Strong Bad’s best appearances yet, but if you'd rather not rely on idle speculation when making your game purchases, our review will be live shortly, so fear not!

Leading up the rear (oo-er) on WiiWare today is Target Toss Pro: Bags. Games that involve throwing bags around don’t rank too highly on our ‘must have’ list, but our recent chat with developer Incredible Technologies certainly piqued our interest. It costs 700 Wii Points and our review will be online as soon as possible, we promise.

Hold the front page! We’ve just received a message over the Bat-phone that relates to shady goings-on in the world of downloadable Wii content – our sources over at Virtual Console Reviews have informed us that SPACE INVADERS: The Original Game is now available. Sadly, as you can see from the review, it’s not really worth bothering with. The other VC release for today may not be a classic but it's nevertheless much better – it’s Sega’s likeable conversion of Capcom’s Forgotten Worlds.

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QuarterRoy00 said:

Unlike most people on the interwebs, I'm excited for Bags. Great game to play in the bars and in my basement in the winter.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

No surprises for me. Both were expected.
Strong Bad 4 seems great. I didn't bother with 3 because I didn't like the premise too much but I think I'll go for 4 even though I'm stuck on 2!



Bass_X0 said:

i think it will be next week. SNES Space Invaders is released to prepare gamers for Get Even. Wow... only one more Strong Bad game to go until the series is done.



kitroplious said:

Not interested in these games.
EDIT: Strong Bad interests me now after I saw all those reviews. I'll pick up the episodes by the end of the year (after the games in the comment listed below).

Hopefully we get Space Invaders Get Even or MaBoShi's Arcade (which is way overdue) next week with this Sudoku Challenge! game.



xSJx said:

I'm with Versus, I want Space Invaders and MaBoShi, especially MaBoShi that game came out ages ago. I still haven't played any strong bad games, might buy the package deal on pc, but I'm sure i'll play them eventualy. I'll buy the Target Toss Pro: Bags game next time I have some buddies over for drinks .



PALgamer said:

Already episode 4? And look at Target Toss Pro: Bags; up to 16 players?
Holly molly! So many wiimotes, I'd get lost.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@PALgamer: I assume that's a joke, as you'll obviously be passing a remote around amongst players...

Anyway, Strong Bad FTW! If only I had some points... (can't afford more right now because I just bought Animal Crossing: City Folk yesterday)



ness said:

Nothing for me this time.

But the 4th Episode of "Strong Bad" is, according to the review, better than the three games before, so maybe this will be my first touch with the "Strong Bad" universe^^.



EJD said:

Agree with Willoveit, could be better. Let's hope that us in the EU get some good games this week; Orbient and Gyrostarr would be my picks.



gameking23 said:

Hey to all of you in Europe this week you should be getting Cubello! It is the best game in the Art Style series so far.



Wiiloveit said:

@EJD: I wouldn't bet on us getting Gyrostarr at least any time soon. The devs said in an interview that they had only "considered" WiiWare releases for Europe, but even if they were to release it, we'd still probably end up getting VIP Casino Blackjack first. Oh, and Orbient isn't coming out yet - although we are getting Cubello this Friday



Supermarioman said:

DOH!!!!, I have still yet to try the Strong BAd series, but I really hate that we didn't get Space Invaders: Get Even this week. Oh well just abother week, ughhhh!!!!!!



MarkyVigoroth said:

Yay! All that is left is the Trogor game! I hope that all of the Trogdors come:
The "S" dragon
The non-consummate V's dragon
The chiaroscuro dragon (What? Every other Trogdor made a 2nd appearance, so why not Strong Sad's?)

In all seriousness, I am really hopeful that the last Trogdor on the list makes an appearance...

P.S. I do not know that much about Homestar Runner; I just like dragons.
P.S.+1 I put a Zelda reference in this message...



Virus said:

Not much for me this week. I may have bought Space Invaders: Get Even if it had come out, but I'll pass on this week's releases. Although I enjoyed the first episode of Strong Bad, I like games with replay value and Strong Bad just doesn't deliver enough of that. I would understand if it was longer, but it ain't, so it's just one purchase for me.



Clayfrd said:

Well... This isn't the best week for me, but I don't have any money or points, so it doesn't matter. On a positive note, we are (sort of) approaching 300 VC games in the US. I hate to mention (since it's so overdone), but could it be EarthBound? Only time will tell.



Clayfrd said:

@MarkyVigoroth - That's not too far away!

Notice- There is a new Wii Menu update! Nintendo had the nerve to send me a notification email triggering a bright blue light at approximately 12:50 AM to let me know. I was awfully appreciative that since the update doesn't appear to do much of anything. I'll just trust that it helped a little and move on.



Wiiloveit said:

When they send those messages at night, it is the most annoying thing EVER. They should include a timer function so that the Wii can still recieve messages all night, but (unless it's from people in your address book), the light will only appear at a set time, eg. 7:00.



Twilight_Crow said:

Not a single game for me this week, which is ok since I'm totally out of money.

Those messages don't bother me since I disconnect my wii at night , I just try to save some power, but yours is an excellent idea .



Starwolf_UK said:

Wii Menu 3.4 improved SD card speeds, attempts to kill homebrew (again)* and changes the terms of service...

...Nintendo now how the power to automatically update the Wii without your consent (I'm pretty sure that is illegal in most European countries :S , though knowing Nintendo they'll get round the law by making it in an opt in service of "you can't online without opting in")

*-I'm not losing World of Goo a second time (I bought the US WiiWare bersion due to RTL being muppets and wanting to go with that silly retail release ,of course, today is a rather different picture... ) so no update for me



ness said:

@ Wiiloveit: Why do you don't turn the light off? I remember a function for that in the Wii-menu.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I don't have my Wii set to connect to the internet unless I turn it on, so I didn't know about this update. I would've learned about it soon when I booted up Animal Crossing, I guess. Anyway, that SD card speed improvement is impressive! Took me six times as long to copy Strong Bad Episode 3 last month! I don't care about homebrew killing, because I don't believe in that kind of activity to start with. Even so, my sympathies to Starwolf_UK if it's a problem for you.



Wiiloveit said:

@Ness: Because then I'll never realise that I have messages. I switch the internets off at night now anyway, and the reason I don't switch the thing off at the plug all the time is in the case that I'm recording something at night (although the only thing I tend to record these days is Desperate Housewives. DON'T JUDGE ME. Oh - and The Prisoner on Virgin 1 - a show where they send a celebrity to "one of the worlds toughest prisons" for a week - if you're not doing anything whilst waiting for the Wii Update tonight, I'd advise you switch over to Virgin1 at 10pm after Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. God, they should pay me for this.).
Oh, and I'm sticking with my opinion that I expressed the first time you lost WoG, SW_UK: people shouldn't be using homebrew or hacking their Wii in the first place, so it's their own fault if anything happens.

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