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Last Flight - Artwork!

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Polish developer Bloober Team recently sent us four new pieces of artwork from their new point-and-click action title Last Flight which you can see below.

The game takes place on a passenger airline where gamers can take control of either American chef Larry Adelman or Romanian dhampir Anna. Your task is to basically fight and slay the many vampires that have overrun the plane. The catch is you can only use weapons made from items found throughout the airplane cabin.

While there's not much currently known about the game, at least we now have some lovely artwork to stare at until more information leaks out about this upcoming WiiWare title.

We'll have more information on the game as it becomes available.

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That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Ha ha ha, more gore WiiWare! Probably nothing to care about, but hopefully a positive surprise in the end. Dhampir sounds lame, but the chef looks kick-ass!



RetroWare said:


I absolutely can't wait for this to come out (along with LIT).



BlueRider said:

Wow this is great a hardcore game for WiiWare sweet is this game gonna be rated M?



lockelocke said:

I love point n click, but skipped on Strongbad, this looks like just the fix I need. Also, I'm extremely excited for a proper M rated title on WiiWare, haven't played a decent horror themed game since RE4.



Objection said:

I desperately want this one to turn out good. I think it will, but I hope it delivers.



Ark said:

SplatterHourse 2 is on the VC and it's rated M. Nothing to prevent kids from downloading it. The Wii has built-in parental controls(which can prevent using Wii Points or visiting the Shop Channel altogether), so parents could stop their kids from downloading E rated titles through the same method. As long as there are no really graphic images in the description, nothing bad will happen.

As for the game itself, it doesn't sound like my kind of thing, but I hope it does well anyway.



Omega said:

I wonder whether this is a point & click-adventure or a point & click-shooter. I hope it's an adventure. I don't like shooters where you have to blow up a bunch of stuff with no depth and story.

And if this is an adventure, I hope they will translate it to european languages. But can you expect from a Wiiware game to be translated at all?

I'm afraid most companies release almost everything in english to save costs. Sigh! Poor, cheap Wiiware.



danik said:

This looks interesting! Glad to see some good titles coming up for wiware! Quite a few i want now unlike at the beginning!

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