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Gradius ReBirth Hitting Japan Next Week

Posted by Damien McFerran

Here’s a pleasant surprise – it only seems like five minutes ago that we were able to announce the development of Gradius ReBirth for WiiWare, and now the game is almost with us!

The 2D shooter will be arriving on the Japanese WiiWare service next Tuesday (alongside Midnight Bowling and what appears to be some kind of Othello variant), which means it will beat the similarly retro-themed Mega Man 9 to the marketplace. We have to say this reminds us of the good old days of video game development, when games took months (and not years) to produce! It will retail at 1000 Wii points.

Classic controller and GameCube pad support are promised, and interestingly the game also boasts online features. Although we’re currently not sure what these might be, online high score tables would be the safe bet. We'd like to see a 2 player co-operative mode (like the one in Gradius V on the PS2) but the game is listed as 1 player only on the Japanese site, so it's looking unlikely. Boo.

First produced in 1985, Konami’s Gradius series is arguably one of the classic 2D shooter franchises and has graced several different platforms over the years including the NES, PC Engine, SNES, Playstation, Saturn and Game Boy Advance. This latest instalment is an all-new adventure but appears to take inspiration from the ‘classic’ entries in the Gradius lineage, such as Gradius II and Gradius III.

You can check out the Japanese Gradius ReBirth information page here.

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Dazza said:

Sign me up for Gradius Rebirth. I love the 16 bit style, I can't wait!



Wiiloveit said:

It does look very good, is there any idea when it will hit our region or how much it will cost?



Damo said:

Gradius ReBirth is the title I'm looking forward to most on WiiWare right now, no doubt about it. I'd even take this over Mega Man 9!



andy836 said:

man they get space invaders then alien crush and now gradius lucky japenese.



Wiiloveit said:

@Damo: I'm not sure I'd say that personally until a Gradius multiplayer mode was announced - but it looks a bit late for me to say that now. Ah well.



whalleywhat said:

Gradius Rebirth looks a lot like a remake of the first Gradius, rather than an all new game. Can anyone confirm/deny this?



blackknight77 said:

So if Gradius Rebirth was developed quickly its possible a new retro castlevania could mbe done quick too. They should release this in tandom with Gradius 2 for the VC.



Starwolf_UK said:

or how much it will cost?
I would anticipate 1000 points to be the cost as a alrge majority of releases are the same price.

I'll look at videos before buying though as I want to see how it handles deaths (where you respwan and that). I might just get this (I'm itching to give AnyRegion Changer a spin).



RetroWare said:

Hahaha, the pond, thats a new one

If this game is better then Star Soldier R, then i might download it it instead.



Kafei2006 said:

Hope it won't take too long before we get it as well, otherwise i'll have to get it on the japanese wii shop channel, and switch my system's game region from europe to japan, and then back & forth all the time like i do when i play dracula X. boring ... :-/ ... but hey, when it's the only way, you can't complain too much .



Objection said:

If it had multiplayer I'd be willing 1000 but if its single-player only, I'd hope for 800. In this genre it really makes a difference. Then again, lets just hope it has more than 2 levels.



Starwolf_UK said:

did you switch your region via the Twilight Hack?
Basically yes, using the AnyRegion changer application. You should instal the homebrew channel though to avoid accidents like changing the disc region then being unable to boot any games (including TP and by extension the twilight hack)...

otherwise i'll have to get it on the japanese wii shop channel, and switch my system's game region from europe to japan, and then back & forth all the time like i do when i play dracula X. boring ...
I was thinking of using Starfall's region free chanels patch to avoid that.



Kafei2006 said:

Starwolf_UK> didn't know about that patch, i'll be looking into it. Even though i'm a bit suspicious as to the consequences in case of a firmware update. Making your wii regionless, or all-region if you like, might not be the best solution, where switching back and forth between a specified region, provided you switch back to your original region after every gameplay session, leaves your console clean i guess.

TokiToku>Yes, and like Starwolf said, i used the AnyRegion changer app. It's really convenient, trust me.



TokiToku said:

yeah, i know. i use it too. i love the HBC, and the WAD Manager (that's how i get all my WiiWare and VC .



ttplayer92 said:

Played Gradius III alot on the SNES and brought and played it on the wii (but not as much as my younger brother). I am going to get this game ASAP.



Mayhem said:

Gradius, Megaman... maybe there is hope for an old-school style Castlevania (as opposed to the new Metroidvania type). Will be waiting for this to hit the US shops... and some extra storage!



Ricardo91 said:

I'm digging that 16-bit style! I thought it was supposed to have 8-bit style graphics, which I didn't like. Hopefully this means it won't be long before we see it wash up on our shores. I'm gonna get it and Gradius III too!

Anyway, since this game looks 16-bit, shouldn't it be 800 points instead of 1000? Or maybe the online features (anticipating eagerly by the way) factor in the extra 200....?



Kriqz said:

Wow that was a fast release. They must've kept it hush-hush for awhile as opposed to Mega Man 9. Really looking forward to this.

Midnight Bowling could be interesting too. Out of all the Wii-Sports games we played that one the most.



Virus said:

grumble grumble At least it's 16-bits...we're moving up the ladder... grumble grumble



WiiBoy said:

I am not a fan of the 1:1 ports of graphics and gameplay
Please create a NEW COOL MegaMan and Gradius and use the features of the Wii Remote and more!



lockelocke said:

I love the idea of new releases with a retro styling, so I'm glad Konami has jumped on the bandwagon. Hopefully some other large publishers (Hudson, I'm looking in your direction) will bring something to the table.



Adam said:

@ Sonic Spin
Actually, I'm pretty sure it is othello / reversi. The board is much, much too small. In screenshot 4 you can see the game is showing you the only possible drop points. And in screenshot 5 you see a completed game which definitely is not a finished Go game.
When I saw "some kind of othello variant," I assumed the same thing until I saw it. I didn't even realize they played othello in Japan.



CanisWolfred said:

@Super Sonic

Just curious, why do you need online? these types of games are usually singleplayer anyways. Nothing wrong with it, I just want to know.



Super_Sonic said:

Megaman 9 has DLC and online ranking so why not Graduis Rebirth? I would buy Megaman 9 even without them. However Graduis 1, 2, and 3 had mutiplayer so why not this?

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