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Drake's Ratings Roundup - August 2008

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

You might remember back in June we posted a decently sized list of all games that got rated recently which had not yet been released. We also promised this feature would return every month - Sadly not too many games got rated in July, so for now we've decided to just keep it as a bi-monthly feature instead, meaning that it is now time to make another!

We already explained the various ratings board acronyms last time - If you've forgotten them, just check out the June list again! This time we'll list all games rated in July and August which have not yet been released in the region they were rated for:

ESRB rated:

It is also noteworthy that the ESRB has rated a game called Star Parodius, published by Hudson Soft. Star Parodier already has an ESRB rating, so either somebody messed up and reposted Star Parodier's rating, confusing its name with Konami's Parodius in the process, or the PC Engine version of Parodius is coming to the US as an import and is being published by Hudson Soft (And again, somebody probably messed up the name in the process!).

OFLC rated:

USK rated:

  • Nothing new got rated in the last two months.

PEGI rated:

Clearly the amount of games being rated has slowed down tremendously! For the ESRB this is no surprise - Look at our Coming Soon list and see how many games are ESRB rated and thus ready for release already - But for PAL regions this is slightly worrying, as there's not many games left rated by the OFLC, PEGI and USK at the moment. Hopefully this will all change soon so we can once again relish in knowing most of the games to be released in advance!

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hansolo350 said:

I think you should mention ClayFighter 63 1/3 like you did with Star Parodius even though ClayFighter has 'Extreme' in the title.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Look worring with the slowdown .
Then again with the OFLC side of things that if a game been rated since 1994 (i think) it doesn't have to be re-rated as the original ratings still stand so this might mean some games might arrive in the Shop Channel as a suprise but still i don't know how the USK ratings work .

But still we can laugh at the ESRB's stuffing up lol



timp29 said:

Theres still plenty of good games still to be released... I guess this way there is less dud games to get in the way!



JaredJ said:

I agree with hansolo350, what's up with "clayfighter 63 1/3 & clayfigher extreme"?



RGVEDA said:

Before they release new games, they should do some catch up weeks!

Here is the US and EU Only List. The date is german spelling:

US Only

01. 09.04.07 Bravoman (Namco, TG)
02. 05.03.07 Elevator Action (Taito, NES)
03. 11.06.07 Lode Runner (Hudson, NES)
04. 04.06.07 Milon's Secret Castle (Hudson, NES)
05. 07.05.07 Ordyne (Namco, TG)
06. 26.03.07 Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire (Koei, SNES)
07. 30.07.07 Star Soldier (Hudson, NES)
08. 12.03.07 Tecmo Bowl (Tecmo, NES)
09. 19.02.07 The Legend of Kage (Taito, NES)
10. 10.09.07 NES Play Action Football (Nintendo, NES)
11. 15.10.07 Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos (NES, Tecmo)
12. 15.10.07 Metal Marines (SNES, Namco)
13. 12.11.07 Axeley (Konami, SNES)
14. 03.12.07 Zanac (Compile, NES)
15. 10.12.07 Ghosts 'n Goblins (Capcom, NES)
16. 17.02.08 Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom (Tecmo, NES)
17. 10.03.08 DoReMi Fantasy: Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure (Hudson Soft, SNES)
18. 17.03.08 Spelunker (Nintendo, NES)
19. 24.03.08 King's Knight (Square Enix, NES)
20. 24.03.08 Powerball (Sega, Mega Drive)
21. 07.04.08 Bases Loaded (Jaleco, NES)
22. 05.05.08 Renegade (Aksys Games, NES)
23. 19.05.08 Sky Kid (Namco Bandai, NES)
24. 14.07.08 Donkey Kong 3 (Nintendo, NES)
25. 28.07.08 Chase H.Q. (Taito, Turbografx 16)
26. 04.08.08 Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega, Sega Master System)
27. 25.08.08 Ys Book I & II (Nihon Falcom, Turbografx 16)


01. 05.04.07 VECTORMAN (Sega, MD)
02. 07.09.07 ESWAT: City under Siege (Sega, Megadrive)
03. 07.09.07 CrackDown (Sega, Megadrive)
04. 14.09.07 Mario's Super Picross (Nintendo, SNES)
05. 14.12.07 Mega Man 2 (Capcom, NES)
06. 21.12.07 Skate or Die! (Ultra, NES)
07. 28.03.08 International Karate (Commodore Gaming, C64)
08. 28.03.08 Uridium (Commodore Gaming, C64)
09. 11.04.08 Impossible Mission (Commodore Gaming, C64)
10. 11.04.08 California Games (Commodore Gaming, C64)
11. 25.04.08 The Last Ninja (Commodore Gaming, C64)
12. 25.04.08 World Games (Commodore Gaming, C64)
13. 02.05.08 Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou (Konami, Turbografx CD)
14. 02.05.08 Final Soldier (Hudson, Turbografx)
15. 09.05.08 Cho Aniki (Hudson Soft, Turbografx)
16. 16.05.08 Digital Champ: Battle Boxing (Hudson Soft, Turbografx)
17. 23.05.08 Paradroid (Commodore Gaming, C64)
18. 13.06.08 Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance (Commodore Gaming, C64)
19. 13.06.08 Nebulus (Commodore Gaming, C64)
20. 27.06.08 Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine (Commodore Gaming, Commodore 64)
21. 27.06.08 Summer Games II (Commodore Gaming, Commodore 64)
22. 25.07.08 International Karate + (Commodore Gaming, C64)
23. 08.08.08 Pitstop II (Commodore Gaming, C64)
24. 22.08.08 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (, Nintendo, SNES)



Objection said:

I would love if we had some catch up weeks for the US to get Euro games and Euro to get US games. But I also don't want them to JUST do this for the next...3 months (or 7 in Europe's case). Cause that's a long time to wait for something neither has seen.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

France is definitely getting the shaft on those exclusive games. Most of the games that France has that NA doesn't have yet are Commodore 64 games (we don't have them because we don't have the system) and a few games that are already slated to come to NA anyway. On the other hand, with a lot of the games that NA has that France doesn't, there's really no excuse for not having them.

I suspect that France's alternating VC/WW weeks with large numbers of VC games on their weeks might help them make up the missing VC games very gradually, though.

Also on the bright side, the latest coming soon lists may be small, but they're populated with good games.



Rexy said:

Heck yes; Shining Force 2 has a PEGI rating I did kind of get disappointed with the leniant difficulty level for the first game though, but I'm still interested to see the series' development, that's for sure.



Drake said:

I think we mentioned Clayfighter 63 1/3 and Clayfighter Extreme in the comments of the last article - We're not adding it yet because we're confused just like you are. Extreme doesn't exist, and there was no Clayfighter PS game, so that rating is pretty weird.



Drake said:

Strange, I thought it was there. Oh well, it's in these comments now



WarioFan63 said:

I cant help but shake the feeling that someone at the ESRB meant to rate just plain Clayfighter instead but got mixed up. Although 63 1/3 would be welcome, it would also be kinda wierd to see that and original but not 2....



blackknight77 said:

Wow! I think the ESRB is starting to crackdown on the VC games that are posted early. Its sad ,but I think Nintendo wants VC monday to be kept a secret.
Shhhhh..... don't tell anyone in the US that the Super Mario RPG came out a few weeks ago. It's a secret to everyone.(spoken in a low voice)



RadioShadow said:

At lest Sonic The Hedgehog (Master System) is coming to Europe although I already downloaded the US one (I've used this homebrew tool to change my PAL Wii to display NTSC instead of PAL and to have the Shop Channel open the US one ).

Wish Nintendo would release Earthworm Jim soon.



FJOJR said:

Well hopefully new games start pumping through. Nintendo's first party line-up at the end of the year in the US is only Wii Music, Animal Crossing, and Wario Land. The thrid-party's have the holiday season to seize the Wii audience, while Nintendo has a nice chance to spring forth some gems on the VC. And I think they've already begun the process for the most part. WiiWare isn't doing shabby either.



Drake said:

Two more games got rated by the PEGI today:

  • Phantasy Star IV
  • Strider


Rexy said:

Really? Is this implying that the next month or two will be a great period of time for Genesis gaming?

I feel so stupid to have completely missed out on the Shining Force series and PSIV as a kid (and for good reason too, with Sonic hogging the spotlight lol), so this must be some kind of sign



Drake said:

Yup, the OFLC rated it over a year ago. Hopefully it's coming out soon now!



Rapadash6 said:

I think whenever you make these ratings board posts, you should list ALL the games yet to be released and not just the ones added recently. Just to remind your more lazy readers what's still up there. ^^'



timp29 said:

I haven't played strider for a long long time, so I don't know how well its dated, but for its time it was AWESOME!

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