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Wild West Guns - Fact Sheet, New Images And Video!

Posted by Darren Calvert

For anyone in Europe who is looking forward to checking out Wild West Guns on Friday you can go to the saloon, order a whiskey and relax, with this media blowout we can be 100% sure now that you will not be disappointed!

We also assured that this is out in North America on the following Monday (4th August).

Below the fold we have 14 exclusive new images, and the first look at the video trailer for this upcoming game. Not content at stopping there, the good folks at Gameloft have even supplied us with a handy fact sheet about the game, as follows:

Draw your revolver and see who's the fastest gun in the West!

In the Gold Rush days, danger awaits at every corner! Any environment component is a potential point awarding target… use your cowboy instinct! Test your accuracy and swiftness in multiple targeting: hit multiple targets in a row and make combos! Targets can be objects, animals, or bad people. Identify your enemies among the characters you encounter: beware not to shoot at innocent citizens! As targets or enemies appear in front of you, adjust draw speed and precision: point and shoot to earn more points. Explore the environment to discover which elements will earn you more points as you shoot them. You can aim at anything… break windows, destroy chariots, break lamps etc. Not everything will award you points.

Go through a variety of increasingly difficult shooting challenges in beautiful, typical and lively far west environments. As challenges advance, you’ll earn medals and rewards, making you want to go for more.


  • Choose to earn max of points by making combos or by shooting at the environment.
  • Wii Zapper compatible game for more accurate shootings.
  • Go from one location to another and discover a whole variety of challenges: face 3 challenges in each level, and go on to unlock the next level and locations.
  • Achievements and stats will be milestones for your evolution and help you beat your best scores.
  • Challenge a friend in multiplayer modes: choose to play cooperatively to earn maximum points or choose to play against each other and find out who is the best shooter!

Typical immersive Far West environments:

  • Far West natural sites: desert scene, river side…
  • Western streets
  • Saloon
  • Stable
  • Cemetery
  • Train attack
  • And more!

A wide variety of targets to shoot at:

Non human targets:

  • Vultures
  • Balloons
  • Sombreros
  • Tin cans
  • Windows
  • Billboards
  • Buckets
  • Water tanks
  • Chariots
  • Piranhas
  • Filthy Rat
  • Poisonous Frog

Enemies threatening you:

  • Bank and train robbers
  • Border mercenaries
  • Hostile gold digger armed with rusty shovels
  • Renegade soldiers
  • Bandida outlaws

It all sounds pretty great really, this could be the ultimate blast ‘em up for fans of Westerns. We can’t wait!

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User Comments (40)



worrybomb said:

While the mini-games don’t really attract me too much (mimicking Duck Hunt and Wii Play), it's nice to see a wide selection of environments and targets to shoot at.

Overall though, it’s looking exactly how I described earlier on (mix of Sunset Riders and Lethal Enforcers). Looking forward to it when it hits NA.



Wiiloveit said:

I may be one of just a few, but I'm not too impressed so far. It looks good for the "Western" genre, but also looks repetitive (Another one bites the dust etc.). At least it has a variety of different targets and levels (plus, a better multiplayer than Links Crossbow Training). Oh, and some of the features in this game also look very similar to levels in Wii Play's target shooting mini game (like the one with the targets). Maybe a 6/7 rating from WWW?



Bahamut_ZERO said:

It looks like the Wii play thing tooooo much......

I'm not going to get it unless it gets a 10/10..

For hardcore gun-slingers only.



Gavin_Rozee said:

It really gets on my nerves when people nitpick at tiny things in downloadable games. They only cost between 3 and 10 quid. Perfect masterpieces that suit everyones requirements don't exist, especially not at pocket money prices.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Also, Gameloft, you've done a great job on your WiiWare titles thus far. Keep up the good work and I'll keep buying your games.



thewiirocks said:

Hmm.... This looks like a weird cross between Wii Play and Link's Crossbow Training...





Bahamut_ZERO said:

I'm not saying it's going to be bad and not worth 1000 points, I'm saying that if you already have Wii Play and Links Crossbow Training you might want to spend your 1000 points on Mega Man 9 or something.



Dazza said:

This will be out the following Monday in the USA. 4th August for anyone who was wondering! Again we have no sources to quote on this yet, but have we ever let you down?



Gavin_Rozee said:

Nintendo are gonna be angry about WiiWare releases being leaked early aren't they?

Will XGen get a spanking for revealing DYCs date?

Oh well, stuff Nintendo.



Chipmunk777 said:

It sounds like a lot of fun! I love lightgun games! Especially priced at 1000 points! I'll not be getting it due to lack of storage, unless it's deemed as a "must have"



Peznaze said:

Aww.. no split-screen quick-draw 2P action? Ah well. Still sounds like a good shooting game.



Naturestee said:

Do want! I'm not thrilled with the art direction- what's with the thick lines on the edges of the characters? But otherwise it looks great. I like light gun games but can't justify spending $50 on such simple game play (I'm looking at you, RE: UC), but $10 sounds like a great deal.



Objection said:

@Dazza Well apart from the stories of Strongbad being in June, then July...and now August...
@Article I plan to get this...even if we don't get Strongbad for a few weeks I'll be happy with this...I love this genre. Its like Link's Crossbow Training but so many times better! We'll see what the review is, but I'll probably get this.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

It seems fine but I already have Ghost Squad and this doesn't really seem to offer anything truly unique...



Raptor78 said:

The video only confirms to me as a must buy.
Sure it may look like a cross between Links Crossbow Training and wiiplay, but whats wrong with that. It looks very entertaining, the presentation looks spot on and really suits the style of the wii... nintendo quality at a fraction of the price.
Gameloft has done a good job supporting the wii and I really hope they keep it up.



battledevil789 said:




battledevil789 said:

@ Dazza
is this the only wiiware game tht is coming to america this monday? i hope we get more than this



Objection said:

@battledevil Chill out. this game has some quality in it. Maybe you dont like the genre but this definatly doesnt look like crap. What do we even know about PLATTCHEN? Very little. I'm intriqued by it, but theres not enough to make so be-all-ish. @zss_shadow Yeah, probably. Maybe that explains him messing with us a lil



battledevil789 said:

i like the genre its just theres nothing to this game like lostwinds waste 10$ for a 3 hour game this you waste 10$ for maybe 2 hours or less game i think Plattchen would be better at replay value and worth the money



battledevil789 said:

this game would be worth the money if it was below 1,000 points if it was 700 or maybe even 800 it might be worth it



andy836 said:

well you dont know how long this game is their's single player 18 levels then co-op 18 levels then competitive and mini games and it doesnt have an online scoreboard but i believe it does have a scoreboard so there is replay value. You can play the game with your freinds. It'll probably be longer then Lost Winds.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Why do people say they'll only buy a game if it's 800 points instead of 1000? It's a difference of about one pound. OH NOES THAT GAME IS OVERPRICED BY A POUND IT'S CRAP.



y2josh said:

I wish that Universal Studios would have seen this and asked them if they wanted to use the BTTF 3 soundtrack that would rule



andy836 said:

@Gavin Rozee
Yeah i know what you mean you can find that money on the street lol. The difference is so small.



Mr_Game_and_Watch said:

This leaves our releases like this:
01/08/08-DYC,Wild West Guns.
15/08/08-Plattchen,SBC4AP or Helix.
29/08/08-SBCG4APor Helix+Critters.
USA's like this:
08/08/04-Wild West Guns.



BDPatVCR said:

WiiWare is getting some good stuff i think, there's a game coming out for you no matter what you like. Tetris, shooting game, Space Invaders sequel, Strong Bad, ...
(unlike VC-games)



Raptor78 said:

Hey if I only get 3 Hours out of this game then that isnt so bad for £7.50... if I buy a standrard retail game £35-£40 I cannot gaurantee that I will get 14-16 hours out of it which would make it the same value for money. So why is everyone bitching about how long the game lasts for 1000 points.



Objection said:

Now that i think about it, August is looking really good for Wiiware: we got Wild West Guns (shooter), PLATTCHEN (puzzler), SBCG4AP (adventure), and Helix (Rythm) 3 of those are genres untapped on wiiware thus far and all 4 look decent at the worst. At best, they could all be worthy of downloads, and then there would be no need for VC complaining, (which will happen anyway.)



Gavin_Rozee said:

Looks like your source was right. It's on the Nintendo Channel with a release of August 1st. Good job : )

Helix has been removed from the New Titles section now.

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