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E3 2008: Mega Man 9 First Impressions

Posted by Darren Calvert

Sadly the Corbmiester wasn't able to make it to E3 this year on our behalf. However all is not lost because GoNintendo and Wii Fanboy did make it to E3 and have posted their thoughts on Mega Man 9 before the big boys like IGN give us their verdict soon no doubt.

Let’s check out what they had to say:


I am was very pleased to see that the game is absolutely brutal. I don’t think that Mega Man 2 is all that challenging, but Mega Man 1 kicks my ass all the time. While Capcom may be trying to reach Mega Man 2 levels of greatness, they are definitely bringing us Mega Man 1 style difficulty. There were only two levels to check out in the demo, and in the time I had to play, I couldn’t manage to make it through either of them. Punishing is the perfect word to use. This is a big throwback to classic gaming in a great way. Until I got my hands on Mega Man 9, I had almost forgotten what old-school, NES-style abuse was like. This is the kind of stuff that will have you slamming down your Wiimote in frustration, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Wii Fanboy

The stages remind me a lot of Mega Man 2. The Concrete Man stage starts off looking like Wood Man's stage, and then moves into a girder-based design. It's absolutely, one hundred percent classic Mega Man in design. Jumps lead into unavoidable Metool hits, birds fly by and drop exploding eggs, and enemies pop up out of chasms just as you try to jump.

It’s all sounding pretty positive based on this analysis. When we hear impressions from other sources we’ll keep you posted. The sooner this hits WiiWare the better!

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neuzd said:

This will be my first Mega Man.
I've never been into this kind of platformer, but the music, the 8bit(plus!) graphics and most important the decision to make this episode a retro style game, makes me want to have a capcom tattoo right on my forehead.

I decided I'm gonna try making some SID and NES chiptunes, thanks just to the music in the gameplay video.



Bensei said:

If this is your first, you will have many frustrating moments. I found many challenging moments in MM AC, and I only played it on easy yet! And I definately will give it a second playthrough



Objection said:

"This is the kind of stuff that will have you slamming down your Wiimote in frustration, and I wouldn’t want it any other way." I don't understand what the draw of uber-diffocult games are. Me, I'd lose a few times and throw/punch something and say "f$%# this. I'll go play something fun."



Bensei said:

That's the reason 99% of the games are too easy today and casual games is the only thing Nintendo showed the Press this E3



Link79 said:

8-bit games were all about frustration but it's the kind that makes you want to keep going until you get it right. It's addictive and that's what people love about it.
If the game was too easy it would get boring very fast. Most Games today just hold your hand and do everything for you. This game will make you earn the victory. You'll actually feel like you worked for it.



maka said:

They should add different difficulty settings so everyone's happy. You should be able to have fun playing the game no matter your ability...



Mike1 said:

I agree with maka. I don't mind that NES style of difficulty, but I'm afraid if the game is too difficult that it will put off gamers. Plus the game will get a bad score from gamespot if it's too hard, since those guys always give lower scores to games that are difficult. They are such babies!



Rapadash6 said:

I remember saying when this game was first announced that, until E3, this was my most anticipated Wii title. Now that Nintendo's press conference is long over, I can easilly say that is still very much the case.



Chipmunk777 said:

It's funny that the guy thinks MM1 is harder than MM2, because I can soar through MM1, but in MM2 I have to struggle to beat one level!

Also, good to hear that the new game maintains that high level of difficulty! I'm super excited about this one



Omega said:

This game only seems to be for hardcore gamer. I don't think that I like this one so well. When I play a videogame, I would like to have some fun and relaxation. And I would like to make progress in a game from time to time. I don't want to slamm down the Wiimote in frustration. And I don't want a game that is brutal and punishing. Why not make a game with medium/adjustable level of difficulty?



Bensei said:

Well, MM9 on E3 was a demo, MM Anniversary Collection had easy and medium difficukty for MM 1-6, while MM2 already had difficulty settings (disabled in MM AC because you can switch difficulties in Options for all at once), I'm pretty sure the Wiiware version will have those too.

And it's not that Megaman is unbeatable, and it's not linear like SMB:LL. In Lost Levels you can really get frustrated when you have a bad run, since you have to go through that level over and over again. In Megaman you can choose between 8 levels, if you're stuck in one you can move to another one you like. They aren't even ordered in difficulty! After you beat a boss you get a weapon, that is limited but can kick ass if you use it against the right boss (it's kinda like Pokémon).

@Chipmunk: Maybe he never played MM2 on medium? Or he was worse in MM1 because it was his first MM? I sucked at MM1 too, but I think MM2 was harder (especially the final boss). MM3 was hard too, but not as hard as MM2 imho, but more tedious. More than 8 bosses was a refreshing twist



7th_lutz said:

Megaman 9 is made for the old Nes crowd in mind, not people getting their start in the 32 bit/64 bit era. Capcom is going back to Megaman's roots in the orginal series. Games in the Nes era were very difficult games. The first Megaman was no different.

A person has to play nes games like the Ninja Gaiden series to understand the difficulty level that games had back in the day. Beating a Nes game at that time meant you had some great game playing skills in playing a certain game. I've beaten Ninja Gaiden 1 without game genie in the past. It was considered a great gaming accomplishment by other gamers back in the day,.

The difficulty of Megaman started to go downhill was in Megaman 2. The energy tanks in Megaman 2 made it a little easier for gamers.



Mike1 said:

Mega Man 2 and 3 were the easiest games. Mega Man was the hardest game.



Bensei said:

An Energy tank can't save you long from Wilalien's Lasers or from needles and pits.



Orgone said:

I am definitely getting this, but
Mega Man went downhill after 2,
Mega Man X was really good too



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I have Anniversary Collection for the PS2 and have tried Mega Man 1, 2 & 3 on medium difficulty and I have to say that 2 is feeling tougher than 1 right now. I've beaten the normal bosses so far on 1 and just have Wily's stage left while in 2 I still have about 4 robot masters left to go. That's quite a bit of a difference.



Ricardo91 said:

This game's gonna be awesome. And since I haven't played any Mega Man game before, I really hope there's multiple difficulties. Hopefully I'll have a chance to buy MM: AC and play it for a while before this game arrives.

Wiiware World is gonna beat this game to death before it arrives, aren't they?



CanisWolfred said:

Jusy what I wanted to hear! I can't wait to play it! I just hope it doesn't cause me to fail my first semester, though, since it seems like I'm gonna need a lot of practice to beat this one.



strade32 said:

objection_blaster- i agree. i like some sort of difficulty, but not to where it is impossible to make any progress in the game. eventually, i just get pissed and leave.



Link79 said:

Hey guys you shouldn't over react about the difficulty. I'm sure it's not gonna be as hard as Ninja Gaiden or Contra. None of the NES Mega man games were that hard. Sure there were frustrating moments but nothing to an insane degree. Maybe the guy who tested out the game was a little rusty. You'd have to suck pretty bad to get your ass handed to you in a Mega man game. No offense to Mr. Raw meat Cowboy.



ChocoDK said:

I hope there is different difficulty settings. I don't like games that are so hard that I can't beat them and I want to scream. I prefer to relax while playing a game and progressing and having a bit of a challenge. Either way thanks for posting this up.



CyclopsScott said:

I SO cannot wait for this. I'm somewhat bummed about the lack of the slide but here's hoping we get Mega Man 10 restoring that!

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