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EU VC Releases - 18th January - 1080 Snowboarding

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Hot on the heels of Japan, who got the game on Tuesday, Europe has gotten the next N64 game - 1080 Snowboarding! This is another "realistic" racer, similar to Wave Race 64, except that you're, of course, snowboarding instead of riding jetskis. Like the other 3 N64 racers on VC, it holds up quite well and is well worth checking out.

On the other hand, stay far away from Riot Zone. This is a rather blatant clone of Final Fight and Streets of Rage, and unfortunately for us, it's not nearly as good as either of them. Despite it being a CD game, the audio and graphics generally fail to impress, and it's not very fun to play either!

That's the 4th week in a row without 3 or more VC games - I think it's pretty safe to say now that we're not going to get more than 2 for a while, unfortunately. Check out the reviews:

1080 Snowboarding - N64 - 1000 Wii Points

Riot Zone - Turbografx-CD - 800 Wii Points

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Lugia2 said:

Well, the two game thing can't mean much good for America. WHY NINTENDO, WHY!?!??! Can't you at least give us two AWESOME games if you're going to do this? Has anyone e-mailed them yet?



i8cookie said:

1080 was good when it came out, prob pretty dated now. I swear they can't get FX chip games working on the wii, will suck if none them come out. i still haven't played yoshi's island, so looking forward to it comin out on the vc.




Hmm. I am going to safley assume that over here in the US we are also going to get 1080 snowboarding on monday. If my hunch is correct i might get this or wave racer 64.



JNoodles said:

Heh. I actually played 1080 on one of my friend's 64s before. I liked it on the 64 but, with it being similar to Wave Race's controls, I doubt it would be fun on the VC with a GameCube controller.



ReZon said:

Meh. Never really been a 1080 fan. Congrats to those who were waiting for it though.

I hope NA gets Harvest Moon on Monday!



I'm guessing that America gets 1080 this month and SSMB next month. And of course 1 more sucky game along with it lol



nope didn't email them
we better do it all together, and i don't have the email adress either
i was hoping someone else would do it (like always ^^)



chris said:

What ever happened to a NeoGeo game like Samurai Shodown
to be released i read, also lets face it that vc are not going to be
around for long only the life spand of the WII console so just
don't exspect any thing great from all of this.



KhaoShar said:

Back in those days I had a habit. Club Nintendo's magazine was still available for free from my games dealer and they used to have those double-sided posters, but I refused to put any of them on my wall unless I had tried the games for myself. So I rented 1080 and I was impressed with the graphics, but somehow I couldn't get the hang on snowboarding... yet I remember very well how cool that poster was looking next to my door frame ;P

Can anybody out there tell me how good 1080 plays via classic controller? I'm willing to try it again, but I doubt it's worth it if the controls are worse than back then...



Kelvin said:

That whole snowboarding phase in games never did much for me, so I'll probably be giving this a pass again this time around. Oh well. It just means I can save my Points for something really special.



Raphen said:

1080 is awesome will be downloading as soon as I get home. The glass/metal boss with the donk noise for a name will have his arse handed to him one more time.



Majiiine said:

"Ugh I'm so jealous. Lucky Euro's!"

We'll trade every exclusive euro vc title against getting Brawl earlier ;(



DDM said:

I wasn't really a fan of this. It looked nice but the controls put me off.. Steep slope sliders on the Saturn was always my fave snowboarding game.



mummydaddy said:

finally.... alas the best snowboarding game (other than ssx) returns, an essential purchase, for some odd reason the music in this kept my then baby daughter quient (lord did she have a scream on her(more like a squeel)). the gameplay was spot on, as were the controls.



RoninDennis said:

Well, face it guys, Nintendo finally took care of our Wii storage space. The solution was simple. Release less games! Ha, suck on that, my fellow-citizens!
Anyway, it appears final that the release schedule has been brough back to 2 games a week, the upside is that quality games have been fairly consistent.



E-dawg said:

While more N64 games is always a good addition, I think I'll give this one a miss and wait for Crusi'n USA. Unless of course Nintendo finally decide to pull out their finger and release Super Mario Kart or Majora's Mask... (sigh)



William said:

Is it true that Mario and Luigi are in the crowd on that snowboarding game, or is that a crazy rumor?



WarioFan63 said:

Why does it matter so much that we get 1 less game a week? Its not that big of a deal. It's really bugging me how people are more focused on that then what games are released now.



Tim said:

If you think this week is rubbish, you've never played 1080. It's ridiculously fun and still holds up well - there hasn't really been a snowboarding game like it (stomping into perfect landings after pulling off some tricks is still among the most satisfying moments in any game).

Even if you're not into snowboarding games (I wasn't when I first played it) try it anyway - it will probably surprise you. Plus it has that hilarious/awesome soundtrack that pretty much pushes the N64 sound chip to its limits.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

WarioFan63, if we get less games each week then the chances of getting good games are lowered even more. The more games the better, as even if they are bad, at least they are out of the way.



cram said:

Its a fantastic of my all time favourites...going to download this soon as i get home from work..This as made my weekend..thanx nintendo.




O Come-on what da is this??? 2 more games!!! Finally we get a N64 game, and it´s 1080. <br> <br>Shuld i plug my Xbox360 on again, insted op my wii? couse golden eye i comin on 360, and i really think that nintendo is yeah they are not impressing me anymore... <br> <br>PS: I hate sportsgames...



ham said:

1080 is GREAT. Hope it comes out in the US on Monday. Maybe I'd be better at it now, but I remember as a kid getting very few (ironically) actual 1080s in this game!

I remember the tracks being very distinctive, as with Wave Race 64. A definite buy! A classic!

__Name (required)


Name (required) said:

How high is the chance that we'll see the Nintendo cooperated Games from the Philips Cd-I on VC?
I know, they are bad and were to expensive, but I'd like to check fpr myself ^^



Paul said:

Where the hell is Unirally?!?!?!?!?!?!? I keep expecting it every week!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!



whalleywhat said:

Wow. So now that Bionic Commando Rearmed is coming to XBLA, PSN and PC (No WiiWare), I'm guessing no original Bionic Commando for VC? The VC has so much potential and, apart form StarTropics, it's been eating it for months. This shouldn't be hard, Nintendo. VC is free money. Win win. When all the soccer moms and senior citizens get sick of Wii Bowling, you're gonna need us gamers. And all it would take is Mega Man 2, Metal Storm and Earthbound this Monday for me to forgive all.



Tim said:

1080 is one of the best if not the only snowboarding game on the n64. However, back in the day I was into playing cool boarders 2 on the playstation and didn't much care for 1080. I'll save my console storage space for something else like excite bike 64.



Will said:

Another week, another two games I have no interest in. Oh god Im getting really hungry for a good game, nothing wrong with 1080, fine game. But not for me. That other excuse for a game dosent count. Roll on next week I suppose... (again)



Adamant said:

"How high is the chance that we'll see the Nintendo cooperated Games from the Philips Cd-I on VC? "

Next to zero.

"I know, they are bad"

No, they weren't.

"and were to expensive"

Zelda's Adventure is the one that's expenisve. The others can be gotten for $5-10 nowadays.

"but I'd like to check fpr myself ^^"

Thank you. Maybe you'll discover that they are in fact quite decent games.



Bensei said:

Wow, I never thought there would be one defending the CD-I games^^
And I played them

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