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VC Earns over $30 million so far

Posted by Darren Calvert

A recent press conference in Tokyo shed some light on the astonishing success of the Virtual Console service so far.

Nintendo's own Shinji Hatano reiterated a previous figure of 7.8 million downloads and then went on to reveal that currently the service had generated 3.5 billion yen ($33 million / £16 million)

The humble Nintendo exec then saids of these figures, "We're currently unsure if this is a lot or low. They're not bad figures."

Considering that Nintendo haven't been transparent with the exact figures for what has been downloaded so far this vague statement is about as close as we might get to understanding just how successful the Virtual Console service has been so far. It seems certain by any standards that within a one year period the VC has delivered great returns for Nintendo and the companies who partner with them.

We at the VC:R look forward to another great year of releases in 2008!


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Jazzem said:

That's hardly bad, and I imagine that far outweighs the cost of putting the service and game roms together.

Good for them I say. Despite the slightly grumpy prices and woes here and there, I've been very happy with the VC I hope we get sales chart stuff as well (And beyond the top five, we all know the Mario games will (Deservedly) dominate those!)



diablos79 said:

WTG nintendo for having so much success with the vc. Now howsabout giving all your loyal customers 1 free game download each as a thank you for making it such a success and for helping you make all those millions?



AZNsupermarket said:

33 million/7.8 million = 4.23 dollars...
Why is the average cost per download less than our cheapest games?



gaga64 said:

I'm guessing that's $33 million in profit, rather than the gross money made?



mummydaddy said:

well I heartilly agree with DIABLOS79 too, maybe when the official website is back up we will see the starrs/points system up and running.



ZueriHB said:

I think more that in those 7.8 million downloads also includes currently available Wii Software, like Internet Channel, Everybody Votes Channel.
And we all knew that only one of those costs Wii Points (And then only since June).



E-dawg said:

If Nintendo really wish too increase sales, it wouldn't hurt to release much more quality titles on the VC, and some more N64 games (which are worth 1000 points by the way) would definetly boost sales.



Paul-J said:

They would make bundles more cash if more VC games came out every Friday. Maybe bring out some from a Gameboy channel, that would be interesting wouldn't it?



Michael said:

Think how much money they could have made had they decided to give us properly converted 60hz versions of their titles instead of bordered 17% slower conversions from the ignorant 80's and early 90's. I can list at least 10 titles I would have re-bought for the chance to play full screen full speed. Unfortuately Nintendo missed the boat as well as my money on all of them



StarSoldier1 said:

Funny picture! I hope this means Nintendo will spend more cash on original titles or sequels now.



alexanderpas said:

there's a thing wrong with that image... the wii doesn't print dollars.... it prints euro's (seen the exchange rate?)

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