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Japan gets Wii SNES Pad

Posted by Damien McFerran

We're not jealous types here at VC Reviews but the news that Japanese Club Nintendo owners will be getting their hands on a Wii version of the classic SNES control pad has made us green with envy. Nintendo of Japan's 'Club' service is clearly head and shoulders above its Western counterparts! Why can't we get fantastic goodies like this over here?

Check out the news item over at 4ColorRebellion and cast a sad glance over Nintendo of Japan's Club Nintendo site here.

Try not to cry too much, though. If you would like one, Play-Asia will be receiving some early next year.

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Ron_Prower said:

Man those lucky Japanese, getting all the cool accessories. Here's to hoping that NOA and NOE do the same accessory here.



Kelvin said:

Well, to be fair, one thing Nintendo of Europe has done well is the Star Points system. It's not as great as the Japanese Club, but it's better than the US equivalent. I wouldn't be surprised to see this pad turn up on the Stars Catalogue.



Bass_X0 said:

its a classic design but it wasn't my favorite super nintendo pad to use at the time. i think mine was either a auto-fire competition pro or the programmable pad (with tiny lcd screen). i would probably get this SNES style pad if it were made available here.



Jack said:

I would so buy one of those if they came out over here. I love the SNES controller.



Angertron said:

Nice looking controller. I'm sure we'll see something like it in the Americas eventually.



Corey said:

A N64 controller is more needed, lets hope that NOA can start actually doing something like this.



mwstevens said:

I pointed this out on the forums 2 days ago...

And for Corey, try going here:
He makes adapters for your N64 controllers to plug into the Wii - yippee!!



Damo said:

kelvin - there's more chance of Elvis becoming president of the united states than there is of this pad appearing in the UK STARS catalogue.

It's a complete waste of time - the only half decent things they give away free are crap games. Unless you're a fan of desktop wallpaper and mobile phone ringtones, the STARS service stinks.



jg233 said:

I would rather have the mario galaxy soundtrack that is part of club nintendo... lucky Japanese!



Drake said:

jg233: Play-Asia will also be selling that, keep an eye out for it!



Ian said:

I agree with Corey, an N64 style pad needs to be made; or at least an adapter!



Mugen said:

Play-asia? Why not go local in NY, already is taking orders.



Robert said:

Awesome! Snes and PlayStation 1 controllers were the best ever made.
Tough the classic one is almost as good as the Snes one...



ChristopherM said: is taking preorders for a 2 May release @ US$42.99 each. Not cheap, but that does include standard international postage (and pays the VAT and custom duties for orders shipped to the UK via Standard Shipping).



Zweck36 said:

You want GC games on the VC? Go to a used game store, or ebay. There are only a handful of titles left that are over 20 bucks. The SNES controller was the best controller ever!

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

Unless it's avalible at stores by next year, I won't get this. Why? Because I don't go to One more thing, I'm not green with envy.



Shadowprophet said:

No one took the time to notice that this snes classic controller has no analog sticks? its pretty, sure... but it lacks features. This is only good for half the games the original classic would play.



eagidni said:

mario/yoshi: gamecube games are, and will probably always be, too big for the virtual console. that's why the discs are all compatible with the system!

i agree with those that are craving a nintendo 64 model, anyway. it definitely would be more useful than the snes controller, though the snes (er... super famicon) one does look pretty. when asked about the possibility of a nintendo 64 controller for the wii, nintendo customer service says there are currently no plans for such a thing... too bad.

anyhow, forgive me if i've veered too far off topic, but... seems to have the only solution to these troubles thus far...



Marioman64 said:

i want to be able to hook up my SNES-USB controller into the back of the Wii and use my snes controller, im used to the purple buttons



Clayfrd said:

Hmm. I think the Classic Controller is fine for SNES games. It is very similar in design to early nineties counterpart, and it works well with other VC platforms as well. As for the N64 controller suggestion, I kind of agree, but the GameCube controller works very well on the N64 games that I have for VC (Starfox, Ocarina, Mario). If you ask me, the Classic Controller is a SNES controller with two joysticks and two extra shoulder buttons. Nice idea, but I don't think I need one.



mikevanpwn said:

will this controller work on US Wiis? Anyone know? I'd assume so...

If so I will definitely Import.



Bensei said:

There are no region codes for Controllers or Handhelds (and their games), only for Consoles (and their games) because they are connected to the TV

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