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US VC Releases - 15th October - Gate of Thunder

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

You only got Neo Geo games last week, but now it's time for another treat - The first TurboGrafx-CD game! Gate of Thunder is a stunningly good shoot 'em up that has the power to pretty much destroy any other shmup on VC. A fantastic soundtrack, great graphics (Check out the parallax scrolling!), and fair, fun gameplay (Nothing overly cheap!) all make this a great game to have for any shmup fan. Not one to miss!

Second today is the second title in most peoples' favourite NES ninja series - Ninja Gaiden II. It's a great sequel to the already available original game, but don't expect it to be any easier! Damn those birds!

Finally, there's the strange strategy game for the SNES, Metal Marines. This odd game could possibly be compared to SimCity, but it's a whole lot more indepth. Instead of building a city, you build an army!

Three more great games for the US today, keep 'em coming, Nintendo!

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KeeperBvK said:

Wow, pretty good week. There should be something for everyone and tehre's definitely three goodies for me. ^^



morphballer said:

Pretty good? That's putting it lightly. I've already decided I'm going to download Gates of Thunder so, reluctantly, I'm going to put Ninja Gaiden II on hold for now.



michinmuri said:

Honestly one of the best weeks in a while. The addition of a TurboGrafx CD-based game will show the power it had to those who never got to see it back in the day. Also, Ninja Gaiden 2 is possibly the best ninja game ever made, while Metal Marines is a great strategy game. All three of these games have a dear place in my heart, but I am in love with the TurboGrafx, so the only one I'll be getting (for now) is Gate of Thunder with it's rockin' soundtrack. This is one shooter to not be missed. All three are great games if they are in your niche of games youlike to play.



Richie said:

Virtual Console so far is a big let down. I used to love looking forward to Mondays, but it seems I haven't been interested in anything for months.
Let's get back to the games that perhaps I would like... Bubble Bobble, Dr Mario, Super Mario 3, Super Smash TV, Bart's Nightmare, etc, etc... Come on Nintendo, I wont wait for ever.



RoninDennis said:

Though most of us are sick and tired of seeing people whine for other games when superb additions have just been released, I personally am bored beyond tears with the "Come on Nintendo!" line. Just sayin'.



Steve said:

Oh crap! I guess we need to pull these games off and re-do this week's launch, because Jeff's not happy with the selection!




Bass_X0 said:

Bubble Bobble and Super Mario 3 are coming soon. Dr. Mario is being updated through WiiWare, Bart's Nightmare was an Acclaim game; the license is now held by EA and Super Smash TV... well, who knows?

I wouldn't say Virtual Console is a big let down. They're trying to cater for a variety of tastes from a variety of different consoles. Many VC fans have been waiting for Gate of Thunder and Ninja Gaiden II so this is their day. Your day will come, be it next week or next year.



eltomo said:


I saw a list of TurboGrafx-CD games just now, and saw It Came From the Desert on there...

This VC thingy-a-bob just keeps getting better!



alvieao said:

Good release of games this week. Looks like the first TuboGraphx-CD game costs the same amount as the Genesis and Super NES titles (yep, 800 Wii Points). Ninja Gaiden II and Gate of Thunder should keep people busy...



Megaman256 said:

That is awesome they have Gates of Thunder out and hopefully Lords of Thunder will come out soon. Any word if they are going to put out Dracula X Rondo of Blood. Many Castlevania fans have heard such great things about this game and it would be nice to finally play it.

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