US VC Releases - 15th October - Gate of Thunder

You only got Neo Geo games last week, but now it's time for another treat - The first TurboGrafx-CD game! Gate of Thunder is a stunningly good shoot 'em up that has the power to pretty much destroy any other shmup on VC. A fantastic soundtrack, great graphics (Check out the parallax scrolling!), and fair, fun gameplay (Nothing overly cheap!) all make this a great game to have for any shmup fan. Not one to miss!

Second today is the second title in most peoples' favourite NES ninja series - Ninja Gaiden II. It's a great sequel to the already available original game, but don't expect it to be any easier! Damn those birds!

Finally, there's the strange strategy game for the SNES, Metal Marines. This odd game could possibly be compared to SimCity, but it's a whole lot more indepth. Instead of building a city, you build an army!

Three more great games for the US today, keep 'em coming, Nintendo!