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Europe VC Releases - 13th July - Paper Mario

Posted by Darren Calvert

Another first for Europe! From today our Euro friends can download the wonderful Paper Mario for the N64. As one of the later games out on the N64 it is possible that many people missed this at the time, well now is your chance! This is basically an RPG set in the Mario universe - the twist is all the characters in this odyssey are made from paper! This comes highly recommended.

As if all that wasn't enough Air Zonk on the Turbografx is up for grabs today as well. It is a shame that this game came out today it will most likely get lost in the rummage of people downloading Paper Mario. This is an excellent shoot-em-up with tons of character, one of the best games on the TG-16. Do yourself a favour, check our our review and watch the YouTube video - this might well be a game you will enjoy.

This weeks reviews :

Paper Mario - N64 - 1000 Points

Air Zonk - TurboGrafx-16 - 600 Points

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eboy said:

PLEASE PLEASE bring paper mario to USA monday, and or Mario RPG....>!!!!
I gots me some wii points burning to be spent



eltomo said:

Everyone seems to be well excitied for this game... I dont see the big deal =(



E-dawg said:

So much for the "Friday the 13th" superstition, this has got to be one of the best VC updates so far.



Chris said:

Theres no way nintendo will release a mario game two weeks in a row america. I'm sorry but it'll be crappy games on monday



PlayerOne said:

Excellent stuff. Paper Mario was my first instant download since Streets of Rage 2. I loved the GC game, and tried to get the N64 version on ebay, but wasn't willing to pay enough.

__Dark Warrior


Dark Warrior said:

Bow down to Nintendo! And don´t worry, Americans. The game will be realeased there on Monday, I´m sure!



strictlybeats said:

I think Paper Mario is one of the biggest and most important releases so far - it is a fantastic N64 game that hardly anyone played.



TBoneTony said:

I really wanted to play this on the N64 in 2001, I was saving for this game for years at the time and I was ready to buy it when it came to Australia, sadly even though it was released, I tried to look everywhere but all I could find was old N64 games, PlayStation games and PlayStation 2 games that had recently took all of the attention.

Sadly when I found a copy of this awsome game, it was only for an overnight hire at a video hireing store like Blockbuster video.

One night is not enough time to play such an awsome deep RPG game like this.

But now here it is on the Virtual Console and I downloaded it immediatly when I realised it was on the VC system.

I am so happy that I have waited 6 years just to play this.



BJ1 said:

Aw, that's just great! Why do europeans get all of the best VC games before us? And here I am BEGGING for Paper Mario to appear!



Dazza said:

BJ - It's to make up for the fact that Europeans still don't have Super Paper Mario yet!



Jack said:

You Americans don't get to complain about us getting Paper Mario 64, because you get Super Smash Bros. Brawl this year. So quit your whining.



Steve said:

If I were Nintendo I'd wait another week before giving Paper Mario to the US. If nothing else, it'd be fun to hear people whine and moan when the best release on Monday is A Boy and his Blob.



Eva said:

Fantastic week. Air Zonk was an instant download - well I say instant I thought it'd disapeared due to them sticking it at the end of the list (Z) rather than at the start. I'll get Paper Mario some other time as I don't really have time for it now.
I happened to click on the "titles you've downloaded" bit and noticed a number of PC Engine games had the update banner above them - off the top of my head Bomberman, Bonk, R-Type...may have been some others. Not sure how long these updates have been out or what they do - I never noticed any problems. Any ideas?

Anyway Air Zonk! Woohoo!!

__crispins tavern


crispins tavern said:

I really liked A boy and his blob! Oh how I laughed at the ketchup flavour allowing the blob to 'ketch up' with you!!

__Lewis Kershaw


Lewis Kershaw said:

YES! We got Paper MArio before America! But then again we don't get Super Paper Mario til September...
I love all the paper mario games so far and i hope that super paper mario will be another excellent edition!



whiteshadow said:

First f-zero now this,whoever runs the VC likes us.Im quite annoyed about smash bros but this is great news.definitely getting it



Demonic_St33V said:

My Zen-like emotional control is starting to slip... First Europe gets Zelda 2 before us, now Paper Mario?!?!

Come on Big N, we Americans are gluttons! Enough with the appetizers, we want a buffet! Which reminds me.... I wonder if I can talk "The Wife" into Indian food for dinner tonight....



720isback said:

Demonic Steev - Come on, the Europeans aren't used to getting games first so give em a break.

Hell we'll probably get this next week yet Europe dont get super paper mario until September.

If Europe get Super Metroid before USA though. Then it's a different story! >=[



Don-Bon said:

The only good Paper Mario is released. That's good. It shouldn't be to long until we get it then. Hopefully...



Red said:

Noooo paper mario still ant here Where is my favorite past time game >.< Ive waited for ever since i pre orderd my wii for this Plzzz nintendo im on my knees begging give usa it on monday



i8cookie said:

not played paper mario before, downloaded it couple of nights ago and played the first couple of hours or so and must say its well wicked



Marioman64 said:

I think it updates at 9:00 am (my time) right? I can't wait to see what we are getting. If we get paper mario, hours of fun shall follow. If we get Super Mario RPG, even more hours of fun shall follow. If we don't get either one... it better be a dang good substitute!

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